LEGO Star Wars Galaxyscapes Feel More Real Than Prequels

The work that Flickr user j5k (aka jooka5000 on Twitter) is doing is more atmospheric than any LEGO and/or Star Wars-related pictures that I’ve been able to take! I might even go as far as to say these LEGO Star Wars creations evoke more feeling in me than the actual cinematic prequels — they’re that good. The Hoth stuff made me shiver, and the Tatooinescapes made me crank up the AC. Well done, j5k (and thanks to Dan Carter for sharing this with all of us)!

I’ve spent hours just to trying to figure out a good angle for this fella. And then another hour for lighting. And now I have baking powder all over the place! Who is a volunteer for clean up?

Everything is all in-camera. No Photoshop tricks.

LEGO Star Wars Galaxyscapes Feel More Real Than Prequels
[From Bounty Hunter by j5k]

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