Automatic: Hack Your Driving, Even if You Have a Manual Transmission

Automatic: Hack Your Driving, Even if You Have a Manual Transmission

Finally, someone knows where we parked the car. Thanks, Automatic! [Image shared by Amazon]

Today is a brave day. In the midst of telling you about a driving innovation that should meaningfully have an impact on your life in a positive way, I will be sharing some of my most embarrassing driving habits. For the sake of explaining just how amazing the Automatic Link Smart Driving Assistant (from here on out known simply as Automatic) is, I will be admitting rather readily to a whole host of faults. I do this because it is the holiday season, and I care. I also have a friend who has been using Automatic for a while now and says it is, I quote, “a game changer.”

You may be drawn in by the promise of higher gas mileage. Automatic will certainly help you with this by giving you driving scores and tips on how you can get the most out of your engine. It will tell you to not speed, which I do. Everyone knows that driving above 55 MPH lowers gas mileage, but somehow it sinks in better when it comes from a Bluetooth-enabled smart driving assistant — smart is in the name! It may also tell you to avoid hard braking. This I do very rarely, but my delicate sensibilities do get spooked behind the wheel from time to time.

Automatic: So Easy, Even I Can Do It

All good and well, but this does you no good if you can’t hook the thing up and configure it, right? Confession the third: I am clueless when it comes to my car. I am ashamed of how clueless I am, but I can set an Automatic up. All you have to do is plug it in and sync with the smartphone app, and nearly all cars made after 1996 are supported. As long as I am rolling with the shame, I always forget where I parked the car. If I am in a store for more than 10 minutes, I will spend at least five more looking for the car. Automatic remembers for me. Granted, remembering where I parked the car is a life skill I should learn, but it is nice to have backup.

Speaking of backup, Automatic will even call for help if it senses a crash. This is not a new feature on connected cars by any means, but Automatic does it with no monthly service fee. You pay once and that is it, my friend. Thankfully, I do not get into accidents very often, but I do ridiculous things like not tighten the gas cap enough when filling up. That was a 75 dollar mistake. The check engine light came on, and I had to take it in to find out what was wrong. If I had Automatic, it would have told me what the error code meant, allowing me to access how quickly to take Maddox in. Yes, I name my car. You should too.

Name your car something awesome, then head to Amazon and pick up an Automatic Link Smart Driving Assistant. Your newly monikered vehicle will thank you.

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  • John Kaye

    Absolutely the most dangerous situation that I run into on a daily basis is the dumb ass in the center lane of the interstate going 50 to 55 mph when the speed limit is 60 or 70 mph. Like a rock in the middle of a stream the traffic has to pass this moving roadblock on the left and right sides. If you insist on getting a device like this and insist on driving 55 mph and below. preferably, stay off the interstate or stay in the right lane. Almost as bad is the dumb ass in the left lane who thinks they are driving safely while slowing everyone else down and forcing them to pass on the right. Don’t be a moving roadblock, keep up with traffic.

  • John Kaye

    Shawna, from your profile photo you look to be late teens or 20″s. I have been driving for fifty years. For the past 20 years+ I have not had a ticket or an accident. I drive on the interstate, sometimes called freeway or parkway, daily. The speed limit is between 60 and 70 mph depending on location. By far the most dangerous drivers that I run into each day are the ones that insist on driving in the center lane going 50 to 55 mph. Like rocks in a stream they cause the traffic behind them to pass on the right and left sides. These excessive and unnecessary lane changes cause accidents. If you insist on using this device and insist on driving 55 mph or below stay off the interstate. If you must drive on the interstate stay in the right lane. Equally bad is the driver who sits in the left lane slowing everyone down and forcing passes on the right. They think their great drivers, “Look at me, I drive 50 mph and save gas. Everyone else is wrong and I’m going to slow them down” Not a good strategy, keep up with traffic!

  • Calvin5040

    Why would you pay someone 75 dollars to reset or diagnose your engine light when Autozone, Advance Auto Parts, Napa, Orielly, and Car Quest do it for free?