Plants Vs. Zombies Puts Your Gardening Geek Skills to Use

Plants Vs. Zombies Puts Your Gardening Geek Skills to Use

Putting your gardening geek skills to use during the zombie apocalypse may be the only thing keeping you alive in Plants Vs. Zombies! [Image shared by Amazon]

We’ve all heard the expression “patient as a saint,” but why doesn’t anyone ever say “patient as a plant” or “patient as a zombie?” They’re both slow-moving and pretty single-minded about where their nutrients come from.

As a human being, you may never have considered the possibility of choosing a side — plant or zombie — if a war between the two were ever to take place. Most people don’t think zombies are even real until a horde of rotting, groaning undead show up on their doorstep in search of that single “nutrient” to which I alluded above: brains!

And what good are plants in battle, anyway? Well, in a world where even corpses can’t catch a break from the daily grind, try and keep an open mind and assume that anything is possible.

In PopCap’s smash hit game Plants Vs. Zombies, you play the part of a human being who is under attack by endless waves of zombies. Luckily, your years of pre-apocalypse gardening geekery pay off because you’re able to defend your home against the onslaught with 49 different plants that have the ability to weaken, slow down, confuse, and outright obliterate your zombie nemeses before they can reach you.

GMO crops may be unpopular with many these days, but in this case, they may just save your life!

Plants Vs. Zombies Comes In Many Flavors

Plants Vs. Zombies runs on a number of platforms to meet your gaming needs. You can play it on your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, or on your PC or Mac. This edition of Plants Vs. Zombies can be played for short bursts of fun or for longer periods of time.

Here are just some of the features of Plants Vs. Zombies:

  • You can challenge your friends and choose your side: plant or zombie.
  • There are five gaming modes: Puzzle, Mini-Games, Adventure, Zen Garden, and Survival.
  • You can upgrade to larger and better homes as you complete sections of the game.
  • Includes bonus games: Zuma and Peggle.
  • In heavy weapons, you can slide your super-powered peashooter from side to side.

Kids and Adults Love to Play Plants Vs. Zombies

Just because this game is able to be played by the very young doesn’t mean it’s any less fun for grown-ups! Plants Vs. Zombies is a game that both kids and adults love to play and can provide both age groups with hours of fun. What better way to spend time with your kids or grandkids?

Most people who have played Plants Vs. Zombies describe the game as addictive or fun — two attributes that we all like a game to have.

If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer this holiday season, look no further. Plants Vs. Zombies will make a perfect gift for anyone on your shopping list.

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