The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Makes Screwing Easy

The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver is designed to make screwing easy, no matter where — or when — you are in the universe. It doesn’t matter if you’re right-handed or a southpaw; the sonic screwdriver will serve your needs and exhibit realistic sounds while you’re screwing.

Oh, by the way, if you’ve got wood? You’re screwed; the sonic screwdriver won’t work at all. That requires a whole ‘nother set of nuts and bolts. [Full disclosure: this sonic screwdriver doesn’t really work as a proper screwdriver in the slightest. It’s just meant to look pretty and make funny noises, but it’s an essential prop for anyone who cosplays as the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith).]

The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Makes Screwing Easy
[Image: Underground Toys]

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