LG Pocket Photo: Like a Photobooth in Your Pocket

LG Pocket Photo: Like a Photobooth in Your Pocket

Instagram? So last year. Thanks to the LG Pocket Photo, Instaprint is tomorrow, today! [Image shared by Amazon]

I must admit failure when it comes to divining the origin of the phrase: “A picture is a memory you can hold in your hand.” I am not willing to fraudulently take credit for it, but I will take credit for passing along this awesome little gadget that will help bring your memories out of the cloud and back into your hands. The LG Pocket Photo is a miniature, mobile printer that can interface directly with your Android smartphone and provide you with some very instant gratification.

Before they were regular features at the weddings of hip and “with it” kids, photobooths were regular features at amusement parks and tourist traps of every variety. It seems as though we have become hardwired to seek visual souvenirs of our lives. Those strips of pictures hanging in lockers or tucked into the corners of mirrors are deeply iconic and hold a heavy emotional weight. We see them as visual queues that easily allow us to identify friends and lovers. They bring back other sensory memories and I will go so far as to say that if you have never once sat with one of these flimsy strips in your hand, lost in some sun bleached memory of your youth, then your youth has been wasted and you have my deepest condolences! I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to claim that these photos played a big part in the advent of Instagram, Snapchat, and the numerous other forms of picture media floating across the vast interwebs.

This is where the LG Pocket Photo is a beautiful thing. Instead of just instagramming yet another photo of #themostamazingtamalesever, print out that heavily filtered work of art and Instagram the snap of you holding the photo with a big thumbs up and a serious food baby. There are all sorts of delightfully meta applications that come to mind when thinking about how the LG Pocket Photo allows one to print things directly from a smartphone by Bluetooth, NFC, or USB cable. Pretty fancy!

LG Pocket Photo is also brimming with other less noble possibilities. We have all heard the phrase “pics or it didn’t happen,” and have probably been tempted to provide the demanded photographic evidence. The problem with doing this is that pictures become so much more difficult to get rid of once they’re out there on multiple devices in the easily transferred digital world. With the LG Pocket Photo, you can take your visual proof, print it, and destroy the digital original all within the a span of five minutes. You can control who sees the proof, and, if the pic is good enough, charge them admission for the privilege! I can almost see the smiles on the faces of future 007s and Bond villains, alike as they ponder the possibilities.

The LG Pocket Photo is High-Tech Wizardry That Provides Low-Tech Nostalgia

Is that a photobooth in your pocket, or just an LG Pocket Photo?

Is that a photobooth in your pocket, or just an LG Pocket Photo?

Speaking of whacky, Bond-like gadgets, the LG Pocket Photo also has another trick up its sleeve. Imagine putting a printer into your pocket and walking out on a hot and humid day. Maybe you slip on a carelessly discarded banana peel. Maybe you jostle the printer a bit much on the way down and, when you stand up, it looks like you have had a very embarrassing CYMK accident.

With the LG Pocket Photo, this will never happen! The Pocket Photo uses Zink paper, which cleverly stands for zero ink. Through use of crystals and sleeper cells of future terrorist nanobots (or maybe just crystals), no ink is required. This means less of a messy recovery from the old banana peel gag.

Pictures are memories. Memories can be power. Whether you use the power of the LG Pocket Photo for good or for evil is up to you. You should probably grab one at Amazon before your next shindig, though!

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