Incredible Hulk Life Size Stand Up Likes You Even When You’re Angry

There are plenty of reasons not to go around making people angry. For one, it’s rude and detrimental to the welfare of our civilization. For another, you might accidentally trigger a reaction that exacerbates that anger and turns it against you tenfold. Or, in the case of Dr. Bruce Banner, it could turn such anger against you a few thousandfold. While usually a mild-mannered but brilliant scientist, Banner has a habit of turning into a giant, green, superhuman juggernaut whose most immediate impulse is to smash everything in sight around him when under duress. In other words, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry — even when he’s ostensibly on your side. Just ask The Avengers.

This Incredible Hulk Life Size Stand Up lets you enjoy the thrill of having a giant, green friend without the danger of a room full of wrecked furniture and a body full of broken bones.

Incredible Hulk Life Size Stand Up Likes You Even When You're Angry
[Image: LockerGnome Shop]

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