Darth Vader Lamp Keeps the Desk Light with LED

Darth Vader Lamp Keeps the Desk Light with LED

Even a Darth Vader Lamp likes to take a walk on the light side from time to time. [Image shared by Star Scores: Episode VI]

You might think a Darth Vader Lamp to be something of a galactic anomaly, but let’s play villain’s advocate for a second here and put things in perspective.

Dark side. Light side. They’re always telling us to choose sides, but sometimes you just want to reserve the right to switch sides at your own pace. And, hey, you may even want to take a walk on the wild side every now and again — who has the right to tell you otherwise? Variety, as they say, is the spice of life, and we can’t let stuffy Jedi or psychotic Sith corral us into roles we don’t feel like playing.

Even the stoically homicidal Darth Vader has been seen dipping his boot-clad toe into the refreshing waters of the light side of late; perhaps he’s just celebrating the end of another hot summer of wearing nothing but black (the Emperor insists on a pretty rigid dress code that’s 100% devoid of casual Fridays) — Vader really is more of an autumn/winter kind of guy. So, as it turns out, a Darth Vader Lamp makes more sense than you might initially think.

I Love Darth Vader Lamp

Whether you choose to illuminate the desk in your office or your home (or give it as a gift to another Star Wars fan who meets the recommended age of seven and above), this official LEGO Darth Vader Lamp wields a lightsaber that glows with the power of 12 LED lights fueled by USB connection or battery — again, we fully support your right to make the selection that’s ideal for you.

He’s only 7.5 inches tall, but if you can’t be with the Darth Vader Lamp you love, then love the one you’re with.

Get your own Darth Vader Lamp at Amazon — if you aren’t afraid of Force choking hazards in your home or office!

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