Seat Belt Cutter Window Breaker Escape Tool

If you are ever trapped inside of your automobile, having a Seat Belt Cutter Window Breaker Escape Tool on hand can be a lifesaver. It’s actually two tools in one. First, you have a super sharp razor that cuts through your seat belt so you can free yourself. Second, you have a powerful hammer to shatter the glass on either your driver or passenger side doors. Just a quick note: always use the hammer on the bottom half of the window closest to the roof pillar, near the windshield. Oh. As an added bonus, you get a two pack — one for each of your cars.

Seat Belt Cutter Window Breaker Escape Tool

[Image: Emergency Escape Tool]

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  • Charles Lee

    or you could get a multi tool that does all that and more

  • 911gear

    These kinds of tools are excellent lifesavers in emergency situations like getting trapped inside a vehicle. The seat belt cutter features in the post is a multi-tool that can be used both as a belt cutter and razor. One of the best features that I liked the most about this tool is the hammer on the top to help the victims shatter the glass. So,
    all you have to free yourself from your stuck seatbelt in case of an accident
    is always keep this tool in your car and properly use it!