Magic Lasso Wine Bottle Holder Seemingly Defies Gravity

Like magic? Like wine? Then you’ll love the Magic Lasso Wine Bottle Holder!

The Magic Lasso Wine Bottle Holder makes an ordinary bottle of wine or other spirits seemingly float in thin air against the power of gravity, itself. Warning: the intake of too much alcohol can make your head similarly seem to defy gravity, so please drink responsibly!

Magic Lasso Wine Bottle Holder Seemingly Levitates Booze in Thin Air

Most wine lovers already have a wealth of accessories that support their favorite hobby. And if you’re buying them a gift — short of an actual bottle of wine that they may snobbishly tell you is of sub par vintage or falls short in some other way — finding something they don’t already have may be tricky.

But since we’re talking tricky, the Magic Lasso Wine Bottle is akin to an illusion you might see performed by a professional magician — and something your wine snob friends might condescend to calling “neat” when they view what looks like a bottle of wine floating at the ends of their long, snooty noses.

Here’s what a magician won’t tell you (but I can): this unique piece of hardware is actually a strong, quarter-inch metal bar covered in rope material that gives it the appearance of a lasso. When the neck of a bottle (containing wine or some other imbibement) is placed inside of the lasso’s loop, it instantly looks like the impossible is happening right before your very eyes — even if you know the trick!

Whether you seek to spoil yourself with what will undoubtedly be a conversation piece at any parties you plan on throwing or you want to astound your pretentious wine-loving friends (even if it’s probably too good for ’em), you can get your very own Magic Lasso Wine Bottle Holder today!

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