Five Pound Chocolate Bar is the Everest of Candy

Five Pound Chocolate Bar is the Everest of Candy

Some people have a sweet tooth, and then there are those who are serious about their chocolate addiction. The Five Pound Chocolate Bar by Hershey’s is the Everest of Candy — only for the hardcore among us! [Image shared by Pirillo Picks]

When the holidays roll around, it’s probably wise to have a pair of pants on hand that either accommodate a higher waist size or stretch with the power of elasticity. While the general feasting that takes place between Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, and all points in between can enable you to fill out these holiday pants without much effort, there are some edibles that just beg to be included in the quest for end-of-the-year obesity; the Five Pound Chocolate Bar by Hershey’s is just such a temptation.

Five Pound Chocolate Bar is a Weight Watcher’s Delight

If you’re watching your weight, then you’re in luck, because it’s pretty safe to say that gobbling down a Five Pound Chocolate Bar will allow you to watch the pounds magically appear on your personage — almost before your very eyes!

Is a Five Pound Chocolate Bar too Beautiful to Eat?

Maybe you’d rather feast your eyes on the magnificent sight of a Five Pound Chocolate Bar rather than your belly, and that’s completely reasonable. Mounted above the fireplace like a big game trophy from the wilderness (but without the stigma attached to hunting and killing an actual living thing from the cowardly safety of distance behind a weapon scope), the Five Pound Chocolate Bar from Hershey’s would make an impressive display to wow the family and visiting company, alike.

Just don’t mount it too close to the fireplace. Heat will melt it, because this is actually five pounds of real milk chocolate!

Get your own Five Pound Chocolate Bar — for dining or display — today!

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