Portal 2 Spatula Will Make You Flip

Portal 2 Spatula Will Make You Flip

The Portal 2 Spatula will flip you out in appropriate, precise Aperture Laboratories fashion. [Image shared by Amazon]

The Portal 2 Spatula may not help you with your microwave cooking, but when frying eggs, this Aperture Laboraties approved kitchen implement will make you flip. The Portal 2 Spatula is a high quality gourmet gadget that will also, with its unique design, add a bit of flare to your kitchen.

The Portal 2 Spatula is Not a Toy

“Most people emerge from suspension terribly undernourished. I want to congratulate you on beating the odds and somehow managing to pack on a few pounds.” — GLaDOS, Portal 2

We have all seen the items on the Internet that claim to be kitchen helpers. With the Portal 2 Spatula, you are purchasing a quality made spatula that serves two purposes. First, the spatula is made from stainless steel, not plastic, like some spatulas. Second, the Aperture Laboratories logo adds a design style to the spatula that separates this kitchen utensil from the pack in a way that any Portal 2 fan will appreciate.

And you can pack on a few pounds with all the things you’ll make with this fine implement, much to the smug satisfaction of the psychotic GLaDOS.

Here are some of the Portal 2 Spatula bonuses:

  • This is an officially licensed product — not a cheap imitation.
  • The head of the spatula is constructed of stainless steel with a nylon gripping handle.
  • The spatula has been kitchen tested.
  • The spatula is large, measuring 14″ long with a width of 3″.

This is Not Your Mother’s Spatula

We can all remember Mom in the kitchen cooking eggs, flipping pancakes, or serving a piece of pie using a spatula. We also may recall that the spatula that Mom used was short in stature with a small head for flipping. For those of us who have used a standard spatula, we know that trying to flip a fried egg with a small head spatula usually results with a broken yolk. This is an intolerable situation for those who like to dunk their toast in the yolk, which enhances the breakfast experience.

So you are not a yolk soaker? No problem. This bad boy can flip a flapjack, scoop up scrambled eggs, and mix or blend many cooking ingredients. However, some of you may have used a spatula as a fly swatter, as a catapult, or even to scratch your back. No matter what uses you have for a spatula, the Portal 2 Spatula will do it better — whether you’re a Portal 2 fan or not.

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