Battery Mug Lets You Take Charge of Your Morning

How can a Battery Mug help you take charge of your morning? Consider this:

Morning coffee makes the world go round. And when we run out of that, we settle for afternoon coffee to make the world go round. By the time we hit sunset, some of us are still hammering our neurons with caffeine and we forget entirely about sleep, welcoming the scent of morning coffee once more without blinking. As predicted, the world continues to go round.

It’s a hazy kind of energy sometimes, but it’s effective. And as with any power source, we like to know how much charge is left before we get stranded without more energy in reserve — at least on the backburner in case of emergency. That’s why it’s nice to have a Battery Mug on hand to gauge how much juice is left before another coffee run is imminent.

How Does the Battery Mug Work? Is It Some Kind of Sorcery?

The Battery Mug isn’t sorcery, silly! It’s science! All you have to do is add your favorite hot beverage (it doesn’t even have to be coffee if you’re not into that sort of thing; maybe hot chocolate, soup, or cider is more your style of mojo enhancement — we don’t judge) and watch the battery level rise. The image itself is printed onto the mug with thermo graphic inks that react to the heat and make it change color as the level rises.

As the beverage cools off (or gets swallowed), the battery will appear to lose “charge,” prompting you to consider a refill in the not-too-distant future.

After all, we can’t have the world stop going round, right?

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