Spill Not Non-Spill Beverage Carrier

Spill Not Non-Spill Beverage Carrier

Easily carry any beverage without spilling a drop with Spill Not [Image shared by Amazon]

The Spill Not Non-Spill Beverage Carrier is a simple device that makes carrying any beverage spillproof. How spillproof is it? You can actually swing the Spill Not over your head, in a circular pattern, without spilling a drop.

How Does The Spill Not Non-Spill Beverage Carrier Work?

The principle is fairly simple. When you hold a beverage in a cup, inertia will keep the liquid from spilling out of the cup. But as soon as you walk, there are horizontal forces which cause the side of the cup to press against the liquid. This will cause the liquid to rise up and spill over the lip of the cup. With a cold beverage, this is not much of a problem, but all of us have had a hot beverage spill over and onto our hands — or lap or legs.

By using the Spill Not Non-Spill Beverage Carrier and carrying the beverage by the flexible loop, no lateral forces can be delivered to the cup. Of course, if you jerk the flexible loop or drop the beverage carrier, the liquid will spill out.

Who Can Benefit from Using the Spill Not Non-Spill Beverage Carrier?

The most obvious people who can benefit from the Spill Not Non-Spill Beverage Carrier are those who spill drinks a lot. You know who you are or you know someone who fits into this category. Another group of people who can benefit are those who are suffering from health issues including those who have the shakes. I have two very good friends who can hardly hold liquid beverages in their hands without spilling them. Another one of our friends, who is in his 90s, finds it impossible to carry a cup of coffee from the kitchen to his living room without spilling it all over himself.

The holidays are just around the corner and the Spill Not Non-Spill Beverage Carrier would make a perfect gift for any of the people on your list who like something novel or have health issues that make it difficult for them to keep their liquids in their cups.

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