Ice Cream Door Stopper Looks Good Enough to Eat

Ice Cream Door Stopper Looks Good Enough to Eat

The Ice Cream Door Stopper looks good enough to eat. [Image shared by Amazon]

The Ice Cream Door Stopper not only looks good enough to eat, but it holds open your door with purpose in spite of looking like a melted mess on the floor. Shake up those neat freaks in your office who will be grabbing paper towels to clean up the mess upon notice!

This Ice Cream Door Stopper Looks Real

The concept’s pretty simple: this able-bodied door stopper looks like a real ice cream cone, slightly melted, and running onto the carpet or floor. While it may be whimsical in spirit, it is also practical at the same time. Who doesn’t have one of those stubborn doors that never seems to stay open? This is when you really need something like the Ice Cream Door Stopper to prop that troublesome door open and keep it from closing in your face.

When the Wind Blows, Keep Doors from Slamming Shut

Besides keeping a stubborn door from closing, there is another use for the Ice Cream Door Stopper that comes to mind. How many times have you opened the windows in your home to air out the house, only to have a door slam shut? Not only does the sudden door closing scare the heck out of you, but the door jamb or lock can be damaged as well. Propping open a door that has slammed in the past can prevent that scare or any possible damage from happening.

So why should you use the Ice Cream Door Stopper? It’s got style and functionality all bundled into one. Those plain rubber door stops are boring and look awful.

Dress up your home with a great-looking Ice Cream Door Stopper that will keep your doors open and act as a conversation piece, as well!

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