Talk Dock Mobile Device Handset Turns Your Cellphone Retro

Miss the days of having a solid landline telephone in your hand? You talked into one end and listened through the other, and it could double as a weapon if an intruder dared tread the hallowed halls of your home or office sanctuary. Ah, simpler days. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can always turn your cellphone into a real phone with the Talk Dock Mobile Device Handset! (Not that your cellphone’s not technically already a real phone, but you know what I mean.) This cellphone holder and charger comes in a flat matte finish, which will give your new-fangled smartphone the retro look you crave.

Don’t worry. Nobody’s going to expect you to go back to dialup. Nobody craves that kind of retro.

Turn Your Cell Phone Into A Real Phone
[Image: GTI]

You can turn your cell phone into a real phone with the Talk Dock Mobile Device Handset here!

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  • Veronica Cruz

    Man, I feel old ☺️ I grew up on those old rotary dial phones. I felt ancient when my family still used these when friends upgraded to touch-tone phones. Then when we got a touch-tone phone, cordless phones soon followed… And here we are now with cell phones. Amazing 😁

    • Robert Glen Fogarty

      I’ve still never gotten comfortable with using my smartphone as an actual phone — I think I’m always worried that I’m going to drop it! An old-style receiver is much easier to cradle on my shoulder if I need to use both hands for something else. Sure, I know I can get a hands-free headphone setup, but that doesn’t feel right to me, either. Adaptation is hard!