NES Cartridges Recycled for Original Trilogy Star Wars Art

And while we’re talking about the original Star Wars trilogy, here’s another neat thing that our scanners picked up today: a Star Wars Trilogy Set created on recycled classic NES cartridges in the style of those classic games of yesterdecades!

NES Cartridges Recycled for Original Trilogy Star Wars Art
[Image: 72Pins]

But is it art? Darned tootin’. Additionally, if you were to actually put one of these carts into a vintage NES console, you’d be treated to a random game. Nobody knows what game, though, since the original labels were removed to make room for these nifty Star Wars art pieces. The artists of 72Pins specialize in what they call “NEStalgia,” so even if you’re not into Star Wars (perish the thought!), you should see what other goodies are presented there. We at LockerGnome heartily approve of this geeky repurposing!

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