Iron Man Mr. Potato Head Lives Again

Iron Man Mr. Potato Head Lives Again

Iron Man Mr. Potato Head brings the famous Marvel Comics figure to spudly life in the hands of a child or the shelf of a collector. [Image shared by Amazon]

Has he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind? Can he walk at all, or if he moves, will he fall?

Is he alive or dead? He is Iron Man Mr. Potato Head.

Suitable for children aged three and up (way, way up), Iron Man Mr. Potato Head is either a wonderful toy for the very young or a collectible shelf piece for the nostalgic, discerning aficionado of greater years — like, say, a brilliant, millionaire-type character who can finance groundbreakingly high tech used to fight for justice and… avenge evildoings wherever they rear their ugly heads.

Iron Man Mr. Potato Head Traveled Time for the Future of Mankind

The original Mr. Potato Head was introduced to the masses in the USA back in 1952 by Hasbro, though it came with no body. Parents were expected to provide an actual potato or comparable vegetable on which to pin the parts that were included. Parents complained to Hasbro that these potatoes and other vegetables wound up rotting in closets and under beds and wherever children tend to stow forgotten toys, so the company began providing Mr. Potato Head with his own plastic body for assembly.

Now we’ve got the Iron Man Mr. Potato Head, which is neither iron nor man nor potato. So what is it? We know this much:

  • It’s suitable for human beings aged three and up.
  • There’s some assembly required (though real potatoes no longer are).
  • Adult supervision is recommended for younger children playing with the Iron Man Mr. Potato Head.
  • It’s a limited edition, so act fast if you’re a collector (or planning on buying it for one)!
  • Now the time is here for Iron Man Mr. Potato Head to spread fear — or maybe season’s greetings? One of those two things.

So whether you’re a Marvel Comics fan, an Iron Man fan, an Avengers fan, or simply a Mr. Potato Head fan — or thinking of buying this as a gift for people who span the entire spectrum mentioned above — the Iron Man Mr. Potato Head won’t be around forever. Secure one now while you still can!

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