LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Now Less than $10!

Hey, we can understand why you might not be able to swing a full-sized LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (even at 20% off, it’s something you’d usually save up for).

But if you can’t justify ever setting aside that much cash (or room in your house), the fine folks at LEGO understand. If you’re on a budget — of money or space — there’s an official LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Microfighter that’s been scaled down and is now available for less than $10.00! Know what else? It includes a Han Solo minifigure, too!

LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Now Less than 10 Dollars
[Image: Amazon]

Sure, it’s tiny, but it’s affordable and fits nicely on your desk. Want to know what’s especially good about that? That frees you up to collect a whole fleet of LEGO Star Wars Microfighters! There are X-Wing Fighters, TIE Interceptors, Star Destroyers, and Clone Turbo Tanks — all currently under $10 each! These are liable to become highly collectable, so my advice would be to grab ’em at this price while you still can! Here’s a list of the LEGO Star Wars Microfighters on sale now.

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