LEGO and Arduino Join Forces to Farm Gold in Online Game

Is there a free game you play that could best be described as “annoying but very addictive?”

With just some LEGO Technic parts, an Arduino board, and a tablet computer, YouTube user RubiksRun (aka Uli Kilian) built what he calls a Jurassic Park Builder Cheat Engine; essentially, it’s a robot arm that taps a very repetitive game in all the right places to make him virtual game money while he sleeps.

I’ve seen virtual bots farming for gold in World of Warcraft, but this guy is using an actual bot to make him virtual gold. Bet some of you wish you had one of these to care for your FarmVille plots while you’re away, hmmm?

LEGO and Arduino Join Forces to Farm Gold in Online Game
[From Lego Technics and Arduino: Automated Tapping Machine for app Testing on iPad by RubiksRun]

Thanks to James Plafke of for letting us know about this!

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