Doing the Warp Speed Wiggle with the Fusion LED Hula Hoop

Hey! What’s with all the hoopla? Oh! You say you’ve got an LED Hula Hoop called The Fusion? That it includes rechargeable batteries that pulse with a whopping 3.6 volts of power?

Doing the Warp Speed Wiggle with the Fusion LED Hula Hoop

It’s like the rings of Saturn just opened a planet-circling discotheque and shrank it down to 36 inches for the benefit of humankind to twirl around the hips of the agile among us at warp speed? Essentially, The Fusion LED Hula Hoop is like a gift to Earthlings from our friends just a few blocks down the Solar system? Well, I guess that’s okay. Just use it with care, okay? Something crafted with 24 DragonFly Strobe LEDS — four of each color (ROYGBP) — is a valuable commodity to people who live so far away from the sun.

Oh! You can get a new one on Earth if anything ever happens to this one? Whew! I’d hate to cause some kind of interplanetary incident.

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  • gogo

    I have heard these hoops break not as good of quality compared to many.. Do the research before buying.