Bacon Toothpick Dispenser Keeps After Dinner Flavorful

Bacon Toothpick Dispenser For The Piggies In Your Life

Are you an aficionado of cured, briny, pork-belly-derived breakfast meats? Let the Bacon Toothpick Dispenser add a little flavor to your life. [Image shared by Amazon]

When gouging the remains of a satisfying meal from between their debris-enveloped mandibles, some people like their toothpicks to taste minty fresh. Others prefer the simple twang of birch (or other virgin lumber with which toothpicks might be made). Still others, like fine dining connoisseur Mr. Creosote from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, wish to let the flavor parade commence. Bowing to the desires of such truly decadent diners, we’re happy to present the Bacon Toothpick Dispenser!

The Bacon Toothpick Dispenser for Your Home

It’s uncommon to find a restaurant that doesn’t have a toothpick dispenser next to the cash register, and many of us find it second nature to grab a toothpick on the way out to leisurely remove the trapped food from between our teeth while pondering life’s mysteries and other whatnots. Oddly enough, most of us don’t have toothpicks so easily available in our own homes; I declare that it’s high time to recognize the importance of the humble toothpick and bring its presence to prominence in our kitchens and dining rooms immediately!

The Bacon Toothpick Dispenser fulfills this simple purpose and more:

  • It’s constructed of 100% genuine plastic! (Only the unwashed hoi polloi accepts fake plastic!)
  • It includes 80 bacon-flavored toothpicks (yum)!
  • It stands almost four inches tall!
  • Its exterior is artistically styled in telltale bacon fat ribbons to identify what is contained within!

Dinner guests will be thrilled at having this after-dinner option available — it’s much more socially acceptable than the alternative of supplying everyone with a bacon-flavored floss option, after all (though that actually is an option).

The Bacon Toothpick Dispenser Makes a Great Gag Gift

Don’t have the need for such a thing in your own house? Well, just when you think you have run out of ideas to surprise that special someone in your life with the perfect gift, up pops the Bacon Toothpick Dispenser — whether it’s a sincere presentation to your favorite carnivore or a cruel gag gift to your vegan activist friend.

For whatever reason, get your own Bacon Toothpick Dispenser today!

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