Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset at CES 2013

Imagine a headset that’s comfortable and affordable — one that also takes you to a world as yet undiscovered: the world of virtual reality. Sound too good to be true? If so, you should have been at CES 2013 with Chris. He got up close and very personal with the Oculus Rift. The dream of gaming through virtual reality isn’t going to only be a dream much longer.

When Chris donned the Rift, his first word was “astounding.” I’ve never heard him have his mind blown this way, and I’ve been working with him for six years. It was pretty awesome to watch the video as he tried to play the game demo using the headset, hearing the reactions as he experienced this for the first time. Chris’ honest responses make me want to play with this myself!

Oculus Rift Virutal Reality Headset at CES 2013The Kickstarter project for this was extremely successful — more than two million dollars were raised. The developer kits will be shipping in March — approximately 10,000 units. The dev community will be helping to build content. No consumer release date has been announced. The company indicates that when there is enough content available for consumers to be interested and need to buy the unit, that’s when it will launch the product. The team doesn’t want to put the Oculus Rift on the market without a sizable game catalog.

I found it interesting that Chris admitted to having motion sickness the first time he played Minecraft on his 30″ monitor, but he didn’t experience that when wearing the Oculus Rift. The images from the Rift are literally on top of his eyes, but it was a much more natural experience than what you have with a monitor or television set. This set will feel like an extension of your vision as things improve such as precision, speed, and resolution.

Could this be the future of true virtual reality? That’s impossible to say, but it’s probably the closest we’re going to get for a long time, and it’s closer than anyone has managed to get in the past.

This team is stellar; it believes in its product because its members, themselves, wanted to play with this product. So, in true entrepreneur fashion, they went out and began to develop it. This isn’t a group of guys who want to make a quick buck. These gentlemen want to develop the best virtual reality headset they possibly can so that they can strap it on and immerse themselves in the games.

That, my friends, makes all the difference in the world — and it apparently shows when you look through the Oculus Rift into an entirely new world.

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