Nokia Lumia 920 Isn’t the iPhone

Nokia Lumia 920 Isn't the iPhoneNews broke that Nokia’s Lumia 920 running Microsoft’s yet-to-be-seen-in-the-wild Windows Phone 8 platform will only be available on AT&T’s network. Though there’s no telling if this exclusive will be permanent, it’s not going to do anything but hinder the phone’s adoption.

In just about every conversation that involves an Android phone or the iPhone in recent months, I’ve seen the Lumia 920 mentioned by more than one person. Without any empirical evidence, it certainly seems that many geeks have been waiting to get their hands on the Lumia 920 — though it’s difficult to know if they’re currently using a Windows Phone, an iPhone, an Android phone, or “other.”

Indeed, the Nokia Lumia 920 looks to be an amazing device.

But if people aren’t on AT&T’s network (or Microsoft employees), the possibility of being able to buy and use the new Microsoft “Jesus” phone is remote. That is to say: what is the likelihood of a user switching from one carrier to another if they’re being served well enough by their current provider and choice of smartphone?

What worked for the iPhone is not likely to work for the Windows Phone.

Think back to when the first iPhone was released — there was absolutely nothing like it (not even close). Despite the original iPhone’s shortcomings (when compared against leading phones of the day), many people were willing to switch to AT&T because it offered an unparalleled experience that was a dramatic departure from their less-expensive, feature-packed devices.

Today, we have serious competition between iPhone and Android in the smartphone market — and even though Windows Phone 8 should provide additional competition, it’s not so radically different (or, more to the point, not markedly “better”) than what any user might find in either Apple’s offerings or any random Android phone option. I’m sure that some users will flock to AT&T to get the new Windows Phone, but I’m fairly sure they won’t be moving in droves.

How well did that whole Lumia 900 thing turn out for everybody?

Yeah, crippling adoption through carrier exclusivity isn’t going to help the Lumia 920 — at all.

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  • Mathieu Gosbee

    They’ll never learn.

  • David Bavin

    Horrible move. No matter how much cash AT&T paid Nokia, the phone should still have been available on Verizon. In the long run (maybe even short) they would have earned MUCH more money. Very very very stupid.

  • Keiran

    I believe you meant to say Lumia 900 not 800.

  • Raja Abdul Wahab Khan

    They cannot compete Apple with this move. Not a good move.

  • Tim Miller

    It pissed me off that the iPhone was only available on AT&T for years – I could not use AT&T due to coverage issues. I did not get one until it moved to Sprint.

    If I was really interested in the Nokia 920 and this stunt was pulled (again), I’d write Nokia off.

  • Me

    I thought the article was going to be a comparison of features between the iPhone and the Windows phone. Where can I find that article/video?

  • Dane Reynolds

    i can’t wait to get one of these!

  • Chris Pirillo

    When Windows Phone 8 ships.

  • Curtis Coburn

    That’s something not so great for Microsoft now. They are late in the Smartphone and Tablet Market, and them just choosing one carrier will hinder their sales, because not everone will want to make the switch to get the new phone.
    It is good that the new HTC phones are for other carriers. I predict that the HTC phones will be more successful than the Lumia 920. Just because it’s more out there for other people.

  • James Clements

    Limiting it to at&t just continues MS shooting themselves in the foot again….let me not get going on the Win 8 start screen they are shoving down our throats whether or not we want it or bigger point, if we have the RARE touch screen or monitor.

  • ChokingPain

    Changed from iPhone to Windows Phone 7 and now to Windows Phone 8… i don’t want get back to the iPhone…even if the “photos and videos” are better on the iPhone… but i have a Canon EOS so i don’t need it… and it’s a lot faster than the iPhone even if it only has a Dual Core… i’ve never had something so responsive in my hand… i wish i could get my hands on a Surface RT but unfornately i have no money for that… which sucks… but i love Microsoft and Apple for several reasons… Anyways it’s a really good phone.. especially the apps. Apple has to Hurry up with the iPhone..