How to Reset a Belkin Router

I wrote about how to log in to Belkin routers, and realized that it might be a good idea to show you how to reset a Belkin router if you’re unsuccessful with gaining access via its pristine factory default settings. While this will also knock out any other settings that the router might have along with its administrative password, the thing’s not really very useful if you can’t even log in to change those settings, right? Be brave. You’ll get through this!

Before starting, make sure that you have a paper clip handy — one that you can bend out of shape without any regrets, and not the heirloom paper clip passed down from your great great grandmother that was given to her by J.P. Morgan when she worked for him in the 1890s. If a paper clip isn’t in your desk drawer, a thumbtack or pen point might suffice. You’ll see why in a minute.

    • Make sure your router is turned on. If it’s unplugged or turned off at this point, it won’t work.
    • Find the reset button — it’ll be inside of a hole on the back or side of the Belkin router. It’ll look something like this:

How to Reset a Belkin Router

  • Get your paper clip, thumbtack, pen point, or whatever else will reach the button inside of that hole, and use it to press the button for ten seconds.
  • Remove the paper clip and wait for about a minute for the router to restart. Take this time to try and bend the paper clip back into its proper shape, and lament how it, like the human condition, can never be returned to a state of innocence once cruel forces of superior power intervene.
  • Cheer up, friend! Your Belkin router (not being a paper clip or the human condition) should now be reset just as if you unboxed it fresh from the store. Now you can learn how to log in to Belkin routers that have been returned to their factory settings.
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