Do You Want an iMac?

Brandon asked in chat the other night if an iMac is a good investment. I don’t know if I can view any computer as an “investment.” Yes, I think the iMac is a good computer. The issue I see with a lot of desktop computers is that they lose their value the moment you bring them home. The iMac is an excellent machine, to be sure. However, is it really something you need?

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I wouldn’t classify any computer as a good “investment,” no. Even an iMac will lose value over time. Get whatever machine it is that will fit your needs, whether it’s an iMac or a Windows machine.

Take care of your machine… baby it. Keep it in good shape and you just may be lucky enough to make a little cash from it when the time comes for you to upgrade to something newer.

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  • Danielle Garza

    Not sure about investing in desktops anymore…

  • leftystrat

    No, but thanks for asking.

  • Aaron Wright

    Absolutely it’s a great investment if you utilize it to it’s fullest potential! By investment, I don’t mean as in “re-sale” value, no, just like a car, it does lose it’s value and quickly becomes outdated — in most cases in as little as 6 months! However, if you use, the iMac for example as I do, You can make quite a bit of money! Designing graphics, websites or even iOS applications can make you plenty of money and as in my case pay for the iMac 10 fold! So yes, I believe computers are a great investment and in fact one of the best investments I have ever made! I purchased my mid-2009 iMac in July of 2009 and I still use it to make really good money! The question now is, do I upgrade to the new thinner 2012 iMac, or since my career has blossomed greatly, splurge on a Mac Pro? I am leaning more towards the Mac Pro due to its power and easability to upgrade components. My question to Mac nerds-alike, what are your thought on the 27″ iMac versus the 12-core Mac Pro?

  • Chris Pirillo

    I’ll be signing up soon, too. 😉

  • Yaron Samid

    Awesome, looking forward to your thoughts Chris.