Five Major Differences In WordPress 3.0

This blog and many others around the Internet run on an open source public Web platform called WordPress, which has been around for quite a while now. Now with WordPress 3.0 being announced, WordPress is focusing on making WordPress into a CMS platform like Joomla or Mambo. With this, WordPress has announced many different features being added, including the five major ones below.

Custom Post Types

In the versions before 3.0 you had two options for posts: “Page” or “Post.” Now in 3.0 you are able to make custom post types for different sections of the Web site on which WordPress is running.

Menu Management

Menu management in versions before 3.0 limited what items you could display on your menu bar. For example, you couldn’t make a link directly to an outside source unless you added it to the template. Now with version 3.0, it is going to be a simple drag-and-drop menu system, letting you customize menus into a tree like form, allowing you to post links to outside sources without the trouble.

Custom Taxonomies

This may seem a little complex, but is pretty simple if you are a WordPress developer. It allows you to add certain information to posts without having to code it into the template.

For example, let’s say you review films and post them to your WordPress blog. You can create a custom taxonomy for “Rating,” then add R, PG-13, PG, or G to every review.

New Default Theme

WordPress has gotten a new default theme for the layout that looks probably twenty times better than before.

WordPress had added a little more customization with custom headers and background images.


WordPress comes in two flavors: WordPress, which normally powers one site, and WordPress MU, which has the ability to host many blogs on one site just like here at WordPress has now merged WordPress MU with core WordPress to help expand on the CMS base.

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  • almostwo

    wordpress is taking the right direction, I have been waiting a platform that allows me to have the excellent organization of a blog, so flexible to accommodate the contents of the cms, thanks for the article.

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  • the oracle

    If only they would get some of the bugs out before adding the fru-fru.

    The tags area still sucks, as it rejects some, adds others not relevant, and refuses to be put under anyone’s control.

    Also having a mind of its own would be the internal editor, which you might think would be the heart of this project, and that someone would want it to be right.

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