Betty White Hosts SNL

For 35 years Saturday Night Live has brought brilliant comedians and actors to this late night comedy show to entertain America for a little over an hour every Saturday night starting at 11:35pm. Last night, on May 9th, Betty White hosted, after months of someone campaigning on Facebook.

During Betty White’s monologue, she thanked Facebook and everyone who nominated her to go on SNL from Facebook. During her monologue she reflected on her past shows and when she first started doing live recorded shows.

Most jokes preformed on the show where “she isn’t that old…” and, proving that even older woman are still funny, sex jokes.  Betty White also played a semi-big role in a mini-series on SNL called MacGruber, which at the moment is promoting a full length movie in the works.

With Betty White’s appearance on SNL, two old favorites came back as well. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey both made guest appearances this week on Weekend Update and other short skits.

For those of you on Comcast, this SNL episode is available on OnDemand now and on Hulu.

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  • AS

    I think she did a great job. the show overall was very funny. I don’t know what people were expecting, but it was good. what were you expecting? How do you know Betty White the best?

    • Craighton Miller

      Usually now and in the past the SNL episodes haven’t been that funny to me, but this episode made me really laugh hard. It is hard to say what exactly was funny, but the whole episode had great theme.

  • Callum Lord

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