Shut Down And Outta Luck

Q: My computer seems to be working fine, but every time I try to shut it down, it starts having problems. I’m running Windows 98. What should I do?

A: It’s very frustrating when you encounter shutdown problems because you probably have no idea what …continue reading

Silence Is Golden – How To Quiet Your PC (Part 1)

From the moment I press my PC’s power button, I start to hear noises that seem to be coming out of a micro-factory. By now, most of you must’ve become so used to the noise that you don’t notice there’s any sound at all, until …continue reading

Clear Your Run History

If you are someone who uses the run command (located off the Start Menu), you’ll notice that you have a run history or run list. These are commands or paths that you have previously typed in. The run history eliminates the need for you to …continue reading

Enterprise Portal

What’s a big company without a proper enterprise portal? A) a day without multiple sun sunshine, B) a home for under-informed employees, C) an enterprise portal-less entity, or D) all of the above? Tick, tick, tick… the correct answer is D! If you land in …continue reading

Report: Stealthy Health

Ever had a shot of wheat grass? It’s absolutely disgusting; NyQuil is like Kool Aid compared to that stuff. According to one juice supplier’s site, this extraction: “increases hemoglobin production; rebuilds the blood stream; neutralizes toxins, carcinogens in the body; reduces high blood pressure; …continue reading

SenLab v2

SenLab is an amazingly simple tool for creating label sheets with multiple addresses. It uses a simple text file as input and automatically formats the output based on popular label templates (Avery), or your custom specifications. Version 2 now enables graphics …continue reading


Some of you may remember a review I did for a site called Google Blaster. The site allowed you to do multiple Google searches at once, and then view the results in a nice tabbed layout. It was a useful …continue reading

Advice For Alternative Browsers

Ken Colburn of Data Doctors answers Danielle, who writes:

Q: With all of the security issues lately with Internet Explorer, my techno nerd friend keeps telling me that I should install Mozilla and quit using IE. Is this a good idea or is he …continue reading

From The Recycle Bin To The Garbage Can

Do me a quick favor. Right click on My Computer. Notice the option there to rename the icon? Okay, now right click My Network Places. Again, see the option to rename the icon? Finally, my last favor, right click the Recycle Bin icon. Whoa! The …continue reading

ERP Software

ERP – now there’s a software acronym you don’t hear every day. Exactly what is ERP software, you ask? ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning.” ERP software is a system that allows medium-to-large businesses to automate their distributionial, financial, human resource, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and …continue reading