Windows 8: a Beginner’s Guide for the Bewildered – Part 3 of 3

In Windows 8: a Beginner’s Guide for the Bewildered — Part 1 of 3 and Windows 8: a Beginner’s Guide for the Bewildered — Part 2 of 3, we covered some of the aspects of Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and …continue reading

How to Run Programs as Administrator in Windows 8

The Start screen makes launching Windows programs a very different experience. Where we would once navigate through a list and have immediate access to a variety of tools and launch options with a right-click, the experience has changed significantly. That doesn’t mean these advanced options …continue reading

Windows 8: How to Download the Free Windows 8 E-book Directly from Microsoft

Ready, set, go! The new, extraordinary, long-awaited Windows 8 is now ready for purchase and download. In fact, even the installation disks are ready to be directly ordered from Microsoft. Of course, all of this hype is Microsoft placing the majority of its eggs into …continue reading

How to Take a Screenshot in Windows 8

Microsoft has taken great strides to make Windows 8 easier for users. Though the interface itself might be a bit confusing to some, there are more keyboard shortcuts than ever to help you get things done quickly and easily — once you know them.

Taking …continue reading

How to Connect to a Wi-Fi Network in Windows 8

Windows 8 has changed a lot about how people use their Windows PCs. Some of the simplest tasks have been altered and may appear foreign to a new user, especially if that user has limited experience with Windows in general. This operating system combines …continue reading

Windows 8: a Beginner’s Guide for the Bewildered – Part 2 of 3

As I mentioned in Windows 8: a Beginner’s Guide for the Bewildered — Part 1 of 3, Windows 8 comes equipped with two distinct environments. One of these is the Desktop environment, which is a clone of the Windows 7 environment minus the …continue reading

Windows 8: a Beginner’s Guide for the Bewildered – Part 1 of 3

Windows 8 is going to change the overall Windows experience that most of you, over the years, have become familiar with. To accomplish this, Microsoft has chosen to bring the computing experience up to date in its Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro editions …continue reading

How to Change App Settings in Windows 8

We pretty much all know how to change options and preferences within a traditional Windows program. Just head to the menu at the top of the screen and hit File, then Preferences or something like that. Windows 8 apps are completely different. There is …continue reading

How to Add a New User in Windows 8

So you want to add a new user in Windows 8? I’m sad to say that the process isn’t quite the same as it was in Windows 7, though it might actually be a little easier. Creating an account and deleting one are done very …continue reading

How to Name App Groupings in Windows 8

The new Start screen offers users the ability to arrange live tiles and app shortcuts in a way that makes more sense to the user. It’s a far cry from the limited list of the old Start menu, but a lot of its power is …continue reading

The HP ElitePad 900: An Upcoming Tablet Perfect for Your Business

So far, the upcoming tablet models we’ve seen running Windows 8 have been quite exciting. The Microsoft Surface and the Samsung ATIV Tab are two highly anticipated releases, and now we’ve got another one that’s shaping up to be an excellent fit for business use: …continue reading

How to Search for Installed Programs in Windows 8

Searching for an installed program in Windows 8 is remarkably easy. It may take some getting used to as the bones set during the past decade with the Start menu are broken and reset by the Start screen, but the end result is a …continue reading

How to Close an App in Windows 8

Closing an app sounds like it would be the most basic and straightforward process anyone can do in a modern desktop operating system. In Windows 8, there are no less than three ways to get this done.

The problem is, none of these ways include …continue reading

Wikipedia for Windows 8 Review

The Wikipedia app in Windows 8 is a big change from what you might find on the site. Not only are there plenty of features that take advantage of the Windows 8 interface, but you can go so far as to pin specific articles to …continue reading

Microsoft Windows 8 Launch

It’s been 17 years since Windows 95 introduced the world to a new interface, which included a Start menu in the lower-left corner of the screen. The new OS took the world by storm, and enabled Microsoft to gain a significant lead over its biggest …continue reading

Goodbye, Windows 7 – Hello, Windows 8

I installed the final version of Windows 8 on my primary production machine last night. This was a leap for me after having been so terribly disappointed with the Consumer Preview. Today, I stand before the world a man of a changed mind. Windows 8 …continue reading

Skype for Windows 8

With the advent of Windows 8, every piece of software made by Microsoft seems to be getting a makeover this week — from Office 2013 (available for download from MSDN) to Skype (which, while officially being released on October 26th, 2012, is available now from …continue reading

Bill Gates Shares His Thoughts on Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface

Microsoft’s official YouTube channel has a new video that features an interview with former Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates. This interview is obviously a promotional piece for the upcoming Windows 8, Windows 8 Phone, Office, and Microsoft Surface. Still, the information shared by Bill Gates speaks …continue reading

How to Turn off a Windows 8 Computer

There seems to be a lot of confusion over the new design of Windows. Next week, Windows 8 will be launched in a worldwide marketing rush, and real customers will be able to get their hands on the new operating system. It’s Microsoft’s most important …continue reading

Windows XP: Why Microsoft Still Can’t Kill It Off

Windows XP has a legion of faithful followers who have already determined that they will resign themselves to staying with the old standby and not upgrade their computer systems to the latest Windows version. It seems that this is because, while some users have no …continue reading

Does Anyone Use Desktop Icons Anymore?

It never fails to amaze me when I’m asked to fix someone’s computer and their desktop is full of shortcuts and files, often overlapping one another. This cluttered mess may or may not reflect the general organizational traits of the individual, but I’m convinced this …continue reading

Microsoft Surface Pricing Revealed: Is it Too Expensive?

My inbox is filled with information about the upcoming Microsoft tablet and recent announcements about pricing and what exactly you’ll get for your investment.

Back in June, I wrote a piece describing some of the unanswered questions Microsoft left us with after the …continue reading

Tablets: Not Just for Consumers

No one needs to tell you that tablets, with an estimated 117 million to be sold in 2012, have become the most popular device in the history of the computing industry. However, it appears that this may be just a blip in what will occur …continue reading

Microsoft Projects That You Might Not Know About

Microsoft is a very large company, and it’s easy to forget exactly what it does, outside of Windows. A lot pundits love to base an outlook of Microsoft’s continued existence on the rise and fall of Windows as a primary operating system, but there is …continue reading

Is Microsoft Becoming More Like Apple?

Microsoft is just a couple of short weeks away from unleashing Windows 8 to the world, and analysts are speculating on whether or not the company is actually starting to look a lot more like Apple than it used to. As a whole, Microsoft has …continue reading

Two Months of Using Windows 8

Microsoft is changing its face. It no longer presents the well-known layout that we have come to expect in the last 20 years. This year marks its most profound departure thanks to a faster-paced Microsoft that pushes for innovation. Everything has changed, beginning with the …continue reading

Why I’m Holding My Hand out for Windows 8

I was possibly eight or nine when I first touched DOS. I was living in the world of two computer programming parents who had several of the first full-on IBM desktop computers that were released to market where I lived: large, beige boxes that made …continue reading

How to Create a Bootable Windows Install DVD on a Mac

Windows 8 is coming around the corner, and many users are considering installing the preview to one of their older machines in order to give it a test drive. For many of us, this means burning a disc from another machine. Believe it or not, …continue reading

Why a Microsoft Surface Phone Isn’t Necessary

Microsoft made waves when it entered the hardware game to create the Surface tablet built for Windows 8. There is speculation that Microsoft is planning on building a Surface phone to complete the pair, but that it’s holding out to see how Windows 8 resonates …continue reading

Microsoft Pop-up Stores Coming October 26th

Microsoft recently announced that it will be opening a series of pop-up stores in time for the holidays. This week, a date has finally been announced for their opening. But why are these stores important?

Microsoft has a lot coming out this month. Windows 8 …continue reading