Automatic Login for Windows 7

Whether you find it to be a nuisance or not, automatic login is disabled in Windows 7 by default. Requiring a username and password when you sign on to your computer is one of many security features that Microsoft enables in Windows …continue reading

How to Create a Windows 7 Firewall Shortcut

Ever wondered how to create a Windows 7 firewall shortcut? If not, you’re probably wondering why anyone would do such a thing. Maybe you’re just smiling and nodding, not even sure what in the heck a firewall is in the first place. Well, without going …continue reading

Add a Videos Link to Your Start Menu in Windows 7

No Videos link in the Windows 7 Start menu? As some green dame once exclaimed in surprise when things weren’t quite going her way, “What a world! What a world!”

Even many of the bookworms among us would confess that videos — especially in the …continue reading

How to Shrink a Volume in Windows 7

Ever wanted to know how to shrink a volume in Windows 7? Yes, yes, I know. Many of you are saying, “but, Chris, why are you writing about Windows 7 when Windows 8 has been out for a while?”

I answer because I’m asked. Also, …continue reading

The Max PC Bundle

Hey, Windows users! I know that it sometimes feels like the Mac OS X kids get to have all the fun (I know how it feels because I, too, am a Windows user). Recently, we talked about a Mac Essentials Bundle here at …continue reading

Is the Microsoft Surface Pro a Good Gaming PC?

At, rKiller writes:

Can the new Microsoft Surface Pro run high-end games? I know (as I have seen in my friend’s house) that the Surface Pro can run Batman Arkham City quite smoothly. I was wondering if the Surface Pro is worth …continue reading

Hands On with the Microsoft Surface Pro

Now that we’ve done the unboxing of the Microsoft Surface Pro, let’s get into my initial impressions of the little device after playing with it for about an hour!

I’ve got to tell you, in this short hour, this thing is fantastically better …continue reading

Unboxing the Microsoft Surface Pro

Welcome to the unboxing of the Microsoft Surface Pro 128 gig, running on the Intel platform! I’m very happy to have this in my hands; apparently, these things were sold out — everywhere. To me this doesn’t seem like too much of a …continue reading

Does Microsoft Surface Run Regular Windows Programs?

At, Jeudcastaned writes:

I’m studying at a university and I program a lot. I’m looking for a tablet PC and wanted to know: what is the best — but cheapest — tablet I can use? Does the Windows Surface run programs like …continue reading

Is Windows 8 on a Desktop Good for Productivity?

Joshua Henderson writes:


I am currently running Windows 7 on my desktop and mostly use it for playing games, doing word processing, graphic design, Internet browsing, and listening to music. Recently my computer has become slow, and not as productive as I would like …continue reading