How to Remove Services.exe Virus in Windows 7


Ramon Niebla writes:

My Dell Inspiron Windows 7 laptop has a trojan virus, and it has taken over the Services.exe file. So if I restore it to a previous time, the chance of it still being there is high since I’m not sure exactly …continue reading

Should You Get Windows 8 on a Custom PC?

Windows 8 Times Square

Jas Nijjer writes:

Like many enthusiasts, I build my own PC instead of buying less capable PCs that are more expensive. What do you think about the situation that many custom PC builders are facing regarding a lack of drivers for Windows 8? It’s difficult …continue reading

Should You Upgrade Your Existing Laptop to Windows 8?

Upgrade Assistant

Paul Reynolds asks:

I am thinking of getting Windows 8 on my laptop; these are my results. Could you please tell me if it is OK for me to upgrade my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 8?

Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 …continue reading

Should You Get the Microsoft Surface Pro?

Surface Pro

Matthew Kelbie asks:

I watched your videos weeks before committing to making a purchase and, despite your advice against buying a Microsoft Surface, I wanted to give it a try. It didn’t work for you, but I thought it might work …continue reading

Should You Downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7?


Matt Wilson writes:

I’m about to purchase a new PC without a touchscreen. Most PCs sold today come with Windows 8 preinstalled. I have not heard many great things about Windows 8. Do you think it would be a good idea to “downgrade” the new …continue reading

Why the Surface Sucks


The Microsoft Surface came to market with much hype only to have its actual sales end up slower than expected. The concept was there, and I’m still convinced that the Surface will be a major player after the Surface Pro and second generation devices come …continue reading

How to Undelete a Lost File (or Two)


This is a sponsored post written on behalf of ReclaiMe. All opinions are 100% my own.

We’ve all lost a file we didn’t intend to delete at one point or another. Either it became mixed in with a group of other files …continue reading

No Optical Drive for Windows? No Problem

Resize hard disk

I recall a time when running software and playing video or music from an optical drive was the norm and considered state of the art. In years that have gone by I, like many of you, have found the loud whirring noise of an optical …continue reading

Why I Like the Confusing Windows 8


For literally my entire life, Windows has been a Start button, a taskbar, and a desktop. And for many people, that’s all the computer has ever been. Now with Windows 8, Microsoft is making consumers learn a whole new experience with no video tutorial or …continue reading

How to Set Up a Picture Password in Windows 8

Picture Password 4

For Windows 8 users on a tablet or touchscreen computer, Picture Passwords are a great way to secure your computer without having to break out the keyboard every time you want to log in. By having the system memorize a few gestures over a photo, …continue reading

Why is Google Shunning Windows 8 and Windows Phone?

Google Drive

If you’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of a dedicated Google Maps application for Windows Phone 8, you might be waiting a very long time. In fact, you might be holding your breath equally as long for Google Drive or Gmail.

Clay Bavor, Google’s Product Management …continue reading

How to Turn Off the Lock Screen in Windows 8

Lock Screen 3

Windows 8 introduced us to this very strange window shade that drops whenever you lock the screen. In order to get back into Windows, Microsoft put this little shade between you and the login screen. It might be great for tablets where notifications and other …continue reading

Should Microsoft Start Releasing New Windows Versions Yearly?


The current buzz spreading throughout Silicon Valley surrounds Windows Blue, an initiative by Microsoft to deliver a low-cost update to Windows that users can purchase at a much lower price than previous Windows versions. In theory, this sounds like a terrific idea as it would …continue reading

Surface Pro: Twice the Price, Half the Battery Life

Surface Pro

It hasn’t been long since the Microsoft Surface hit stores and started being picked apart by every technology pundit and reviewer out there. The dream of a Microsoft-produced computer that ran Windows has been in the back of the minds of many a Windows user …continue reading

Why I Downgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 7


I remember initially hearing the news about the metro “Modern” UI on Windows 8, and to be honest, I was pumped. Although I have never owned a Windows Phone (the last mobile device I had on a Microsoft OS was an iPAQ h5455), I have …continue reading

How to Enable Microsoft Telnet Client in Windows 8


By default, Windows 8 does not come with a Telnet client. This is done as a security precaution, though many dedicated Telnet users are left scratching their heads as their beloved built-in command prompt feature appears to be missing at first glance. Don’t worry, …continue reading

Feedback on Surface RT Review


I’ve said it dozens — if not hundreds (if not thousands!) — of times: My preferences in tech may not match your preferences in tech. It should never degenerate into a matter of vitriolic contention. If you want to see someone disagree with me without …continue reading

How to Add a Network Printer in Windows 8

Step 3

Adding a printer in Windows 8 is very similar to Windows 7. Unfortunately, this process still isn’t quite automatic, and a number of driver issues (especially with older printers) can present themselves to those switching from Windows XP or older versions of the operating …continue reading

How to Delete Windows.Old in Windows 8

Step 0

Upgrading your PC from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro is fairly straightforward. What I found to be a little less intuitive is the process for deleting the Windows.Old file that contains old program and operating system data carried over from Windows 7.

This folder …continue reading

Which Windows Browser is Best for You?

Which Browser is Best?

I make it a point to search for a new browser around this time each year. It isn’t because I’m particularly fickle about my software choices, but because the major browsers out there are constantly shifting positions in the leader boards.

I’ve used Opera, Firefox, …continue reading

Why Windows 8 Might Not Be Ready for Visually Impaired Users

Windows 8 for the Blind

Microsoft has come a long way in terms of making its operating system more accessible to the blind and visually impaired. Unfortunately, a lot of this effort is counteracted by the new type of app being supported by the operating system. How keyboard shortcut friendly …continue reading

File Explorer Changes in Windows 8

File Manager 1

Microsoft has made a number of improvements to its File Manager program in Windows 8. While it might seem as though Windows 8 is a step towards abandoning legacy desktop programs, the more critical system tools are still largely dependent on the desktop. When it …continue reading

Microsoft Ditching Windows Live Messenger for Skype is a Good Move


Microsoft has decided to do away with Windows Live Messenger in favor of its more popular VoIP and IM solution, Skype. This is a wise move, because not only is Skype growing as a popular IM client, but because Microsoft would be competing with itself …continue reading

Microsoft RT Vs. 8 Pro: Their Key Differences


Microsoft has made quite a splash on the tablet market scene with the maiden voyage of the Microsoft Surface. Like any new piece of highly anticipated technology from a major player in the industry, it’s got its fair share of proponents and naysayers.

…continue reading

Does Cloning Your Desktop Affect Performance in Windows 8?

Desktop Options

Dreamtwister2k on YouTube asks, “Does cloning the desktop a create a performance hit? I use Steam Big Picture to play games on my TV with a gamepad (if properly supported). It would be easier for me to set everything up on my desktop monitor rather …continue reading

Logitech t650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad for Windows 8 Review

Logitech t650

One common mantra I hear from technology experts and pundits regarding Windows 8 is that it is made for touch, and not for the traditional keyboard and mouse. While I can still navigate through Windows 8 with relative ease with a mouse, the thought of …continue reading

Spanning Dual Monitors with Windows 8


Whether clunky CRT or sleek 23 inch LCD, I have long preferred to operate with multiple monitors. In the Windows 98 days I saw a stockbroker with three monitors on his desk and was instantly hooked. Without knowing exactly what a normal person would do …continue reading

Windows 8: Trackpad Vs. Mouse

Logitech t650

There’s no question that Windows 8 was built with touch in mind. I’ve always assumed from the first time I used it in Developer Preview that Microsoft was looking ahead to a world where traditional desktop computers were a thing of the past. Touchscreens and …continue reading

New Windows 8 (and Windows RT) Keyboard Shortcuts


Navigating Windows 8 is a new and somewhat confusing experience, especially for someone who has had only basic experience with operating systems in general. Not everyone will find hot corners and touch gestures appealing. There is still a lot to be said about utilizing clever …continue reading

Windows 8: Can I Return to My Previous Version of Windows? Not Exactly

Resized windows 8

Microsoft claims that, in the first three days after the release of its new Windows 8 operating system, over four million copies have already been purchased. The number is impressive, especially considering the fact that the normal user has not had an opportunity to see …continue reading