How To Get More Value From Facebook

Like most of you, I am a user of the Facebook social network. Most days I have mixed feeling about it, try to keep my privacy intact when using it. And I also remember everything posted to Facebook is seen by everyone following me. So …continue reading

Simple Document Collaboration Solutions

One of the great things living in a world with so much broadband access available is the various server software that allows for easy collaboration. And who wouldn’t want such a thing, as it means you’re not having to spend your time huddled down in …continue reading

What Is A Secure FTP Client?

If you’re into Web design at all, then you’re certainly familiar with the concept of file transfer protocol or FTP. But how many of you are familiar with the concept of FTPS? This is basically secure FTP utilizing something known as SSL to protect the …continue reading

Automatic Web Site File Backup Software

Backing up your Web site, while important, can be a pain. Not due to difficulty, rather the problem with thinking about it before disaster actually strikes. The problem is locating the right kind of software to ensure that you’re going to be receiving stable, usable …continue reading

Backing Up Your WordPress Database Safely

It can happen to anyone. You go to visit your Web site and suddenly, you notice that your content isn’t loading. Then a pit develops in your stomach as you realize that you don’t really have a proper backup of your articles, pages, and so …continue reading

Web Server Uptime Monitoring

Whoops, there goes the server! Don’t you just hate it when all is going well then suddenly, you find out that your web server has gone down for some reason? Worse is not knowing about this until it’s been down for most of the day. …continue reading

Is Blogging Worth The Effort?

Is blogging really worth the effort? This is a question that finds its way into the minds of the most studious amongst us. After all, if the purpose of us blogging isn’t being fulfilled with our efforts, then what is the point? Now here’s the tricky part …continue reading

How To Back Up Your Gmail

With the recent Gmail outage, a lot of people have been rethinking how much trust they want to into a web based email service like Google’s Gmail. After all, it’s clear as day that it is fallible after all. So it would behoove Gmail enthusiasts that want a reliable …continue reading

Selling On eBay Vs. Etsy

All too often I see folks trying to sell some fairly amazing things on eBay and I ask myself: what are they thinking? No one is bidding, buying, or even caring. Let’s face it, the eBay of today is simply not a great place for …continue reading

How To Lend eBooks On Kindle

Excited about lending out your eBooks with the Amazon Kindle? I know my wife sure was! Well that is until she discovered that she really needed to have other friends who owned Kindles themselves to participate in the fun. Yeah, it was a bit of …continue reading

Does AWS CloudFormation Eliminate the Need for RightScale?

One of the more frustrating aspects of Amazon Web Services is the lack of integrated Amazon tools for making server management easier. RightScale achieved an early win in this space by building a layer of scripting and deployment tools on top of AWS, providing …continue reading

Adzerk Promises Low Cost, High Speed Ad Serving

One important component of selling and displaying ads on a website is the underlying ad serving technology. For small publishers, which I define as those with less than 10 million monthly pageviews, there are very few options that combine fast ad delivery, configurability of ad …continue reading

How To Host Your Static Web Site With Amazon S3

When most people think about Amazon’s S3 services, their first thought is elastic computing. And for the most part, this is completely accurate. But what most people are completely unaware of is the fact that you can now host static Web site through S3. …continue reading

Java: The Most Vulnerable Browser Plug-in

You’re running what you’d consider to be a secure browser, and you always watch what you do with it in the belief that these actions ensure security. But what you didn’t know is that the Java plugin you added recently actually opens you up to …continue reading

Filtering Spam Mail With Horde

Not by any stretch a great webmail client. Truth be told, it’s one of the most basis webmail clients out there. Despite this challenge however, with a little work, Horde mail can be used to help a bit with dealing with spam.

Setting up the …continue reading

Mobile Web Site Templates

Ever heard of a mobile Web site template? How about the idea of using a mobile phone to view a Web site? Did you notice anything different? That’s right, most likely the template used to provide you with that Web site access on the mobile …continue reading

Best Web Browser For Windows 7

We already know the world has an affinity for Chrome and despite its recent competition from newcomers, Firefox. But what about those who are thinking that it might just be easier to opt for Internet Explorer? After all, it’s already included and recent development around this browser has been …continue reading

SEO For Static Web Sites

So you  got your brand spanking new website created and all put together. Fantastic! Unfortunately you may not have let the various search engines out there know that you exist just yet. See, you need to make sure that Google, Yahoo, Bing among others can find you! …continue reading

Picking A Good Web Site Name

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So you’ve decided that you want to build a Web site. Prior to this, you already know whether you want a static site or a blog, and the content you wish to …continue reading

Building A Blog Vs. A Static Web Site

So you’re looking to start a Web site. Perhaps you’ve been watching late night TV again and Don Lapre has you dead-set convinced on making millions placing tiny classified ads. Then you remembered you own a computer which means monetizing content another way, so ol’ …continue reading

How To Monetize Your Web Site

While many of us like to pretend like we don’t care about earning a little something online as we share our knowledge, we are then soon reminded that if we really felt this way we’d be working for the Huffington Post. Those of …continue reading

Using A Text Editor For Web Design

Is it worth it and do you have to be an expert to use a simple notepad like application instead of spending tons of money on software? Why not buy an existing template and assuming the license allows for it or is creative commons, make …continue reading

What To Expect From A Good Web Host

Web hosting. We like to believe that when we make that first payment, that they are going to be reasonably reliable and if possible, provide us with some options should you find yourself in a position where you go to log onto your Website only …continue reading

The Right Way To Start A Blog

One question that I end up answering often is whether or not blogging still work? I generally counter with define “works?” If you’re looking at a way to market a service or product, sure, it helps. If you’re looking become stinking rich off of the …continue reading

Why Google PageRank Is Irrelevant

So all of that work you did trying to build your PageRank, guess what, it doesn’t matter. And I say this simply because the fact that the evidence is all over the place that low or no PageRank Web sites can outrank those in organic …continue reading

Loophole Enables Squatting in Google Apps for Domains System

Google Apps has a fundamental flaw in the way it creates accounts. Anyone can squat on a domain without proof of ownership. I found this out yesterday when I attempted to go through the process of setting up shared calendaring for the LockerGnome team. Chris …continue reading

Is All-In-One-SEO A Good WordPress Plugin?

Do you use WordPress? Find yourself wondering if the all-in-one-SEO plugin is worthwhile or not? Is it a good plugin? In this article I will answer these questions plus alert you to a significant bug with a recent upgrade. Yes, it’s a great plugin. This …continue reading

Finding Wikipedia Alternatives

Using Wikipedia is something that I think most of us have become quite accustomed to. When we go to look up information, the idea is to find unbiased, factual data to help us learn more about the topic. Sadly, Wikipedia is not such a place by any …continue reading

A Facebook Clone

It’s something that has been on the minds of many people over the past few years, how can the casual user mimic some of the success seen by the social media super power known as Facebook. How in the world can anyone possibly make way to compete …continue reading

Different WordPress Themes For Different Browsers

It’s going to happen. As you struggle to make sure the latest craptastic release of Internet Explorer doesn’t further send Web standards straight to hell, you find that your perfect theme isn’t going to work with the older release of said browser. And yes, I …continue reading