Using the YouTube Video Editor

I’ve been suggesting that, over time, more and more applications will be moving into a cloud space, thus making the need for local software less important. Perhaps there are some applications that are a ways away from this, but for the most part I think …continue reading

How to FTP to Your Web Site from a Command Line

Over the years, I’ve listened to many individuals out there claim there is simply no practical application to using FTP over a command line. I happen to beg to differ and would even go so far as to point out that it can actually be …continue reading

Must Have WordPress Plugins

If you rely on WordPress, part of the magic for you comes from how simple it is to extend the basic CMS functions that come from this great tool. Unfortunately, not all of the available plugins that are available are really that great. This can …continue reading

Web Site Builders or DIY Web Design

This might come as a surprise to many of you, but I happen to think that most people hate Web design. After all, this is why you ended up on this article trying to determine whether or not it’s worth trying one of those brain-dead …continue reading

WPAds For WordPress

Let’s face it. Running only one type of ad on your WordPress blog might not be all that it’s cracked up to be. With the possible exception of AdSense, simply embedding a single set of fixed ads inside of your site is going to prove …continue reading

Could Google Penalize Outdated WordPress Installs?

Google announced it was planning to start notifying site owners about outdated CMS software back in November 2009. Until today, I hadn’t actually seen one of these notifications. For several sites running versions of WordPress 3.1.x this morning, I received an email telling me that …continue reading

Webmaster Add-ons for Firefox

Being a webmaster while living under Google’s shadow sucks. No really, it’s not just about providing great content or even using proper Web site code to make things work anymore. Now we’re faced with adding ugly little +1 buttons, begging Google for forgiveness when something …continue reading

How Do You Start a Group on Facebook?

It has been said that Facebook is fast becoming the portal that could render traditional search a thing of the past. I happen to think these people are thinking like geeks and not like regular folks who find Facebook to be more of a social destination, but that’s another …continue reading

Surviving Google Algorithm Changes

Whether you’re reading this the year this was published or a few years later on, the fact is that living exclusively on SEO is a deadly game to be played. I know of many folks who’ve been hit hard when Google makes a change to …continue reading

YouTube Cuts Content Creators out of the Value Chain with Move to Creative Commons Licensing

YouTube is adopting a Creative Commons License and encouraging users to opt-in to the most liberal CC License so that their content can be used in mashups.

Why does YouTube want mashups? Is it out of the goodness of its heart? Is it because it …continue reading