Only Spiders and Jerks Don’t Adhere to Web Standards

Reese Matthews writes:

I’ve only seen a few of your videos, so I don’t know if you’ve touched on it, but there is a bigger problem than “Does __________ browser suck?” or “Is __________ secure?” If you haven’t, perhaps you could talk about it.

Back …continue reading Vs. Google: a Web Analytics Showdown (Of Sorts)

For the longest time, I’ve used Google Analytics for tracking visits and pageviews to my websites. Google has done a great job at accumulating tons of information about my sites and the visitors that stumble upon them. Lately though, I’ve gotten the feeling that it …continue reading

Five Web Technologies You Should Be Using

I’ve been developing Web applications for a few years now, and the pace at which things are evolving recently is mindblowing. All these new technologies, like HTML5 and WebGL, completely rewrite the book in how and what we can use the Web for.

Developers …continue reading

How to Use GitHub to Contribute to Open Source Projects

I have been a fan of open source software for many years now. Not only do I use open source software, but I also develop a bit myself. A few years ago, a version control system by the name of Git wandered out …continue reading

Open Source TumbleDeck Project Looking for VB and Tumblr API Help

Gnomie Rafal Chmiel is a 13-year-old fellow going to high school in England, but don’t let his youth fool you. He’s ambitiously dedicated to programming Web applications and working on open source projects. (Kids, these days!) Rafal writes:

Hi, Chris!

I’ve been a big …continue reading

Hand Coding Vs. Pre-Built CMS

AshleyCox432, a member of the LockerGnome community, asks via YouTube:

“What are your views on Web-based CMS (content management systems) compared to hand-coding a Web site? Do you feel that a smaller (lesser known) CMS is as good or better than the more popular …continue reading

Chrome Vs. Chromium

Scott Carpency asks: We all know Google Chrome and how stable it is and how well it runs. Chromium is the developer app. What can we as a community do with Chromium? Do we just test out the new beta updates or can …continue reading

How to Generate a Vanity QR Code for Free

QR codes are all the rage. Even if you don’t know what they are, you’ve probably seen them in magazines, books, mailers, flyers, photos, and videos. You can create your own QR code for any given URL (or string of text) imaginable. Did you …continue reading

Why LockerGnome Doesn’t Rely On WordPress Plugins

The Register is reporting about a new “Zero Day” vulnerability in WordPress installs that run TimThumb. LockerGnome wasn’t at risk, because we hate WordPress Plugins. That isn’t to say we are completely plugin free; it is hard to have a WordPress install without …continue reading

Make the Google +1 Button Load Faster

Google+ makes it obvious that offering readers the ability to click a Google +1 button on your site is a must. While Google has indicated that it may use the Google +1 button statistics as a factor in search results, more important will be having …continue reading