Simple Web Site Builder for Windows

For most people, the idea of creating a Web site of their very own is rather daunting. Understandably so, considering the sheer amount of design considerations and skill required to create a new Web site; most people are left to the entry level services provided over the …continue reading

Understanding CSS Background Properties

Unlike the days of being able to cobble something together with font colors and tables, these days we have the dynamics of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to keep things neat and tidy on our Web sites. And as fantastic as CSS is with organizing placement of elements, …continue reading

Gaming Web Site Metrics: Brings Back the Dot Com Pump and Dump is sometimes referred to as the “Star Trek Universal Translator” of the Internet. Ortsbo offers “real time” translation of chat and instant messaging, but to access these services you have to agree to a pretty scary privacy policy and terms of service that say …continue reading

Many WordPress Plugins to Stop Working as Google Drops Numerous APIs in Effort to Improve Search Results

On May 26th, Google announced it was end of life-ing or deprecating several of its previously free to use APIs. The APIs that are being dropped are:

Code Search API, Diacritize API, Feedburner APIs, Finance API, Power Meter …continue reading

Email Reputation Causes Penalties in Google Search Results

A number of Web sites hit with falling search rankings in April had several things in common. These sites publish original articles, frequently in the 500+ word range, which is supposed to be a quality benchmark in the way Google values content. They are authored …continue reading

Mobile Phone Web Browsers

Usage of mobile phones for browsing the Web while on the go is becoming increasingly popular. This means we’ve grown to rely on mobile browsers that are able to offer both performance and security. Some mobile browsers are better than others, so I’ll be highlighting …continue reading

How to Sync Firefox with Chrome

It’s bound to come up. At some point you’re likely going to find that you use both Firefox and Chrome browsers. This has certainly happened to me as I need to see how different Web sites look in different browsers. So logically, having all of …continue reading

Google Correlate: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Statistics

Google Correlate is the latest keyword tool from Google. The promise is that Correlate will find topics that trend at the same time as a given keyword. Usually these correlations are obvious; often they are wrong. Not so much “wrong” as just not helpful. Knowing …continue reading

Install Multiple Versions Of IE

If you design web pages, at some point you’re going to want to know what your website might look like in older versions of Internet Explorer. Due to the fact that so many people are still using versions as old as IE6 and IE7, it’s …continue reading

How to Use Alexa’s Toolbar to Help Support Your Favorite Web Sites

Have you ever had your favorite show get canceled and you wondered why? You and all of your friends watched it, so it must be really popular, right? In the TV space, Nielsen is the keeper of ratings, and watching a show only counts if …continue reading

CDN In A Box Makes Web Sites Faster with Google’s App Engine

If you’re given a choice, would you rather browse a slow Web site, or a quick Web site? Sure, there’s something to be said for a slow Web site. It allows you to sip your coffee and savor every roasted drop while you wait …continue reading

11 Ways To Make Your Open Source Project Successful

When developing open source projects, you often face a number of barriers: getting users interested in your open source project, keeping them interested in your open source project, and finding time to support all distributions of that open source project. I have helped develop several …continue reading

WordPress Plugins for Photographers

Recently my wife poked her head into my home office and asked me a question that I hadn’t spent a lot of time considering before. She wanted to know what kind of plugins would be good for photographers using WordPress. It was a great question, …continue reading

What Is Site Build It?

Site Build It is like GoDaddy’s WebSiteTonight hosting, to a degree. But Site Build It offers more services in the long run. This is by and large how I might go about describing the Web site hosting service known as Site Build …continue reading

Top Chrome Extensions By Google

I’ve been a very satisfied Chrome browser user for many months now. Back when I first made the switch to Chrome, I was a bit skeptical about the browser’s value and whether or not it would end up being a good fit for …continue reading

Plesk Vs Cpanel

I’m going to get grief for supporting Plesk most likely, but for my own needs I find Cpanel to make no sense whatsoever. I know, being a Linux nerd I should feel right at home. And if I had days to spend finding …continue reading

Best AdSense Alternatives

Monetizing a weblog. For many folks out there in a tough economy, this is the holy grail. For others however, it’s sacrilege. Regardless of where you fall on the issue, there are many folks out there earning from the Google Adsense program who are looking to diversify …continue reading

Do You Need A Mobile Website Template?

Everything is going mobile. This is the statement we keep hearing each and everyday. Seems like if you’re not addressing the mobile space in some fashion, you’re missing out. And despite the success of various smart phone platforms out there and the browsers they provide, …continue reading

Horde 4 Is Webmail Reinvented

Previously we looked at some great Horde mail alternatives. My motivation for this stemmed a lot from the fact that older versions of Horde were fairly basic out of the box and left out a lot of functionality we might like to see from …continue reading

Horde Webmail Alternatives

I really find Horde Mail to be atrocious to use and something to generally be avoided if at all possible. Perhaps I’m all alone in this, but for my money it’s just too limited to be taken very seriously. Now some of you might be inclined to point …continue reading

Google Docs Spamming Problem

Recently something very disturbing came to my attention. Worse yet, it appears as if there is nothing that can actually be done about dealing with the problem at hand. The concern I’m talking about is the fact that Google Docs is now being subject to …continue reading

Controlling Firefox Bloat

I have been a Firefox fan for many years. Even dating back to the days of Netscape, later Mozilla, then Firebird. To say that I am an old school Firefox fan is an understatement. But despite my loyalty to the browser, it should …continue reading

Is Browser Compatibility Still A Problem?

Remember when things were “best viewed in…?” Yeah, it’s been a while since we had to use specific Web browsers just to visit certain sites. Thankfully Web standards have come a long way as has a fair adoption of browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, …continue reading

Flash Web Site Creator Software

Despite recommendations to the contrary, some people are dead-set on creating a Flash based Web site of their very own. And on the surface, I can totally understand why. These Web sites look amazing and have a visual appeal that is difficult to ignore. No …continue reading

Free VPN Software

There is a common misconception that finding a decent way to VPN into a secure network requires massive resources, an IT dept, among other goodies most of us don’t have immediate access to. Now what if I was to tell you about a product that …continue reading

How To Keep Your Web Site Secure

So you’ve just built up a brand new Web site and are looking forward to it seeing many years of success. Fantastic! Now there is just one question — have you done everything you can to keep it secure? There are a number of critical …continue reading

Domain Name Speculation

Have you even purchased a domain, only to end up sitting on it? How about sitting on it only to have someone make an offer on buying from you? If this has happened to you, then welcome to the wild, wacky world of domain name …continue reading

Best Web Site Design Software

Thinking of building a Web site of your very own? Fantastic! Hopefully you’ve taken the necessary time to map out the site goals, direction, and what the value proposition is to be for the site visitor. Now all of that aside, there is the small …continue reading

Best Browsers For HTML5

For many people out there, a ton of anticipation is weighing heavy that implementing HTML5 usage is going to be a game changing experience. Smoother code for websites, better video playback for the end user, the list goes on.

The missing piece thus far, has been finding …continue reading

Web Servers For Windows

While it can often times being counter-productive to do so, there are instances where it can be beneficial to run a your own web server yourself without help from a web hosting company. In these instances, I find it’s worthwhile to locate stable webserver software …continue reading