Bing Shopping

So you’ve tried Froogle or as it’s known today, Google Shopping. How about the same concept, with a little more Bing in it’s step? Enter Bing Shopping, from Microsoft.

Now to be completely fair, in some respects I think that Bing is providing …continue reading

AOL Is The New Microsoft

Is AOL becoming the new Microsoft? Perhaps, as it looks as if AOL is seeking to emulate other social media platforms these days. Enter AOL’s LifeStream. This is an idea designed to be as much like Google Buzz, as legally possible.

Where AOL did …continue reading

Foursquare Even Relevent?

Foursquare is pointless. No seriously, I fail to understand how anyone can compare it to Twitter or anything like it. Recently Kevin Rose was asked a series of questions on on Foursquare and where it fits into things these days.

The article in …continue reading

Brand Monitoring With Radian6

Now more than ever, we see various brands out there engaging users of the various social media platforms looking to track how their brands are being perceived by others. A tool provided by Radian6 itself, looks to be a bit overwhelming. But when …continue reading

All The World’s A-Twitter

It seems as though everyone in the world is on Twitter now. Sadly, not all of them know how to utilize this fabulous tool to maximize their outreach. The reach you can have by using social media can be staggering. However, you have to know …continue reading

Motally Cool To Use For Gaming Analytics

Mobile analytics have apparently, been long overdue to the mobile platforms out there with regard to personal gaming. Now it looks as if Motally, is going to be just what the doctor ordered.

While it’s currently in a private beta at the moment, this …continue reading

Twitter Only 21% Active

Thinking that Twitter is all that it’s cracked up to be? Consider the fact that only 21% of the users on that social network are considered to be active users. Apparently there are a growing number of people that sign-up for Twitter, only to …continue reading

Socialized Customer Support

Normally the idea that we could use an socialized help functions, might seem like a great idea. But when you consider that this is Facebook we’re talking about, clearly that is likely more risk than most of us would ever want to take.

Imagine …continue reading

Ad Blocking Is Generally Evil

The silly idea that somehow ad blocking is just not that bad is insane. As this article accurately outlines as clear as day, you are basically trying to get something for nothing. Now to be fair to readers tired of having their browsers crashed …continue reading

Jobs: Adobe Flash Is A Hog

Is Steve Jobs just whining about Adobe Flash being a CPU hog on today’s computing devices? According to Jobs, he has no plans whatsoever for letting Flash find a home on the upcoming iPad. And on Macs, he made it clear that he felt …continue reading