Google Analytics Script Still Taken For Granted

It’s like looking a gift horse in the mouth. That is what I think of those who individuals who are choosing not to take full advantages of Google’s Webmaster services. Because in the end, not using them is costing you site visitors and …continue reading

Ewww – Twitter Has Worms

Kids today are either too smart for their own good while at the same time, many of them are totally bankrupt in the morals department. Unfortunately, in the case of recent Twitter account attacks by a “Twitter Worm”, things are really getting out of …continue reading

Break That DiggBar – It Is Good For Traffic

As I have stated previously, the DiggBar is seeing mixed reviews, most of which appear to be highly negative. While it certainly is nothing that mounts to privacy or malware concerns, the DiggBar is by and large, outlandishly foolish.

The biggest problem is many …continue reading

Newspapers Going OPEC?

As a rule, most of the US newspapers are run by some of the most clueless fools I have ever had the misfortune of watching in action. While they maintain a fantastic staff of reporters, their “bosses” appear to be huffing glue before …continue reading

Engadget Bars The DiggBar

Despite what some people might have you believe, the DiggBar is a mixed bag at best. For those people who are looking for a Stumbleupon effect, it is seen as a way of enjoying this same kind of stumbling benefit without adding a physical toolbar. …continue reading

Founders Want Their Skype Back

To point out that Ebay has done absolutely NOTHING worthwhile with Skype appears to the going theme with most people when you ask them. Speaking for myself, I cannot really point to anything negative or positive that Ebay has done with Skype either.

Despite …continue reading

The BBC Is Going BTTorrent

While here in the US, the morons in the various media industries continue to demonize anything using Bittorrent as clearly illegal, overseas we are watching the BBC getting ready to launch their own Bittorrent content. Looks like they are starting with a Creative …continue reading

TV To Lose Out To The Internet

Like many of you out there these days, I am finding myself catching on TV via the Internet a lot more than I used to. It used to be via those services rebroadcasting stuff directly from the networks themselves. Today, it is from services …continue reading

Digg Search Without The Sucking Sounds

Over the years, has been a mixed bag of huge success and some sizable failures. Without question, their search function up until now, has been completely useless. I would go so far as to say it is as useless as I have seen …continue reading

Have You Surfed For A Ford, Lately?

The idea behind Ford loaning 100 Ford vehicles to young people, only asking them to post videos/twitter tweets/etc is actually one of the smartest things Ford has done in decades. Let me explain why. First, Ford needs to do better at attracting younger …continue reading

WSJ And NYT – Enjoying Some Whine With Their Cheese

It never ceases to amaze me just how clueless some companies are these days with the reality that their customers, readers or viewers are in the drivers seat. Two companies who clearly still are oblivious to this reality are the Wall Street Journal …continue reading

Facebook – Deserving Congrats Or Drinking From The Kool-Aid?

Despite overcoming one of the worst UI changes since MySpace, having their butts handed to them by Twitter with regard to making the social Web useful vs. cool, Facebook is embracing their 200 million people who clearly have entirely too much time …continue reading

Library of Congress-Tube?

Honestly never even considered that the US Library of Congress would soon join theĀ  rest of us in the digital era, using YouTube to share media content. But as you can clearly see here, this is exactly what is happening. YouTube …continue reading

Twitter Explodes Into The World’s Most Popular Error Page

Speaking as a guy who spends more time with a Twitter window open that he might like to admit, I am going to go with the crowd here in expressing my frustration at just how much down time Twitter has seen as of late. …continue reading

Faster Gmail On Your iPhone And No One Will Care

Speaking as a new iPhone user myself, I find this latest news about Gmail getting a new “engine” for speedier performance on the iPhone and Android to nice, but fail to see the point.

See, I feel like this is more value …continue reading

Your Web Design Is Already Obsolete

Worried about how the hierarchy of your website is put together? Hoping it makes sense? With the exception of it looking clean and navigable, don’t sweat it. Yes, that is right, according to this article much of what we consider important about web site layout …continue reading

Firefox Getting Back To Speed And Performance?

Seems like only yesterday Firefox first rolled out version 1.0. Ever since then, performance has in my opinion, taken a significant hit on both the OS X and Linux platforms, while remaining largely intact for Windows users. To point out how frustrating this has …continue reading

Wikia Dies While Google Thrives

Google is king of search engines, no matter how many human powered alternatives might rear their heads in defiance. This is not to say that some of them cannot carve out some significant niches for themselves, but overall, only those who are able to find …continue reading

Amazon Pushes The Envelope With Elastic MapReduce

Not too long back, trying to do something as time consuming Hadoop on a smaller scale bordered on impossible, to at the very least, not worthwhile for many smaller research firms. Now that Amazon has released Elastic MapReduce for the masses, it is believed …continue reading

Web 2.0 Is Due For A Legal Name Change

Web 2.0 – seems like a weird name for the next generation of web design. Yet despite this title being rather silly on a multitude of levels, here we are. The idea behind changing the name of Web 2.0 is much like the desire …continue reading

Meetings Made Simple With

Normally I am not someone who gets too excited about the idea of yet another NetMeeting-like clone, but based on what I have seen, is not like anything I have seen before in this space. Designed for …continue reading

Gotta Love Hunch A Bunch

Like most people, I tend to take any news of a new “Web 2.0 project with a grain of salt. However as I read more about the concept of an up and coming website known simply as “Hunch”, I found myself becoming more intrigued …continue reading

Silly HP – Android Is For Phones!

I have spoken at length about the idea of bringing forth Android, designed by Google, to the world of netbooks in the past. And at the time, I felt that it could work with enough development effort tossed into the mix. Yet today, I am …continue reading

MySpace And Windows Mobile – Discrimination Waiting To Happen?

To be clear, I have no problem whatsoever with MySpace finally making its way over to the mobile world. Frankly, I think it is a bit overdue in many ways. But to simply choose to release MySpace on Windows Mobile only, is limiting. …continue reading

Google Street View Continues To Raise Privacy Concerns

Google Street View, a Google Maps feature that lets users see images of streets and the surrounding areas, continues to generate controversy. Since its launch in May 2007, the feature has prompted questions about whether it constitutes an invasion of privacy, complaints about inappropriate images, …continue reading

Top 5 Tips For New And Young Graphic Designers

Gnomie Matt Hart writes:

I (known as ‘thelast1uthinkof’ at geeks.pirillo) was searching though your videos the other day, and realized that when I typed in’ graphic design’ to search your videos on YouTube, only one video came up. I noticed in the community there …continue reading

Sexy Web Design

SitePoint recently announced the release of Sexy Web Design, an easy-to-follow guide that teaches the secrets to building breathtaking Web interfaces from scratch.

The book’s author, Elliot Jay Stocks, an independent designer whose client list includes Blue Flavor, The Beatles, EMI Records, and …continue reading

The Importance Of Web Site Conversion

Many companies make the mistake of spending money in areas where it’s not necessary. Take, for example, companies pumping marketing dollars into increasing traffic on the Web site. It’s great to get more traffic, but that is just the first step. Now you need that …continue reading

A Vista Question For Web Developers

Gnomie Reese writes:

Hi, Chris! I have two quick questions for you — maybe you can help. I bought a new laptop with Vista yesterday and am having a major problem that I never, ever experienced in XP. Basically, I’ll open and edit an HTML …continue reading

Where’s My Social Dashboard?

Social media dashboards are definitely thee way to go. There is something to be said for having all of your social media networks right there in front of you at your finger tips.

Right now, the closest thing we have are the various …continue reading