Office Organization

Care to share any tips on you keep your home office organized? I’ve been fighting the clutter for eons. It’s a never-ending battle around these parts. Each time I implement a small office organization tactic, it works for a while … but over time, papers …continue reading

Honda Insight: The Most Frugal Hybrid?

After spending a week test-driving the 2010 Honda Insight, I’ve come to a conclusion. If saving money is as (or more) important than saving gasoline, the Honda Insight shines when it comes to overall cost of ownership. While there’s no …continue reading

What is it About the Nissan Cube?

I get to spend my time in a wide range of vehicles, but I’ve never been in one quite like the Nissan Cube. Make no mistake about it, the Cube produces polarizing feedback. With the Cube still new to American streets, the range …continue reading

Bottled Water Costs

Do you drink bottled water? Have you ever taken the time to calculate how much you spend on bottled water in any given month? I can’t put an exact number on it, but I know that it’s been a considerable sum here at Ranchero Indebto.

…continue reading

2010 Camaro: Instant Rock Star

If you want to cruise through life unnoticed, don’t drive the new Camaro.

I knew something was up, just minutes after pulling onto the highway after picking up a 2010 Camaro V6 for testing. The first evidence was a guy in the next …continue reading

AT&T Sets End Date for CallVantage VoIP Service

It took AT&T a while to get around to setting an end date for its CallVantage VoIP service.

The mystery is over. A letter arrived in the mail yesterday with the exact date…

All AT&T CallVantage services nationwide will be discontinued on or after October …continue reading

Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe: Hello & Goodbye

The 2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe marks a beginning and an end. With a limited production run (reports vary from 1100 to 2000), this hardtop version of GM’s two-seat convertible sports car has been granted instant collectible status. Graced with what just might …continue reading

Time to Retire the Land Line?

Have you done away with your conventional telephone line? I’m giving it serious consideration here at Ranchero Indebto.

Back in the day, a family had one telephone line… perhaps two, if a “teenager’s line” was added to the bill. And a hefty bill it was. …continue reading

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: LCDs save MPGs

Are you ready for an LCD dashboard display in your car? Last month, I had the opportunity to spend an extra-long weekend with a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. This space-age, yet low-key sedan offers a host of compelling features – including the best gas mileage …continue reading

What Is It About MINI Coopers?

You’ve seen them scooting around town, but you’ve never quite gotten it. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself, “why would someone want to drive such a tiny little car?”

Until I drove my first MINI a year ago, I never fully understood.

Sure, I’d heard that they’re …continue reading

Looking for a New VoIP Service

I’m (reluctantly) in the market for a new VoIP service plan, as AT&T has announced that it is discontinuing its CallVantage VoIP operation. Although I’ve been a relatively happy CallVantage subscriber for five years, it came as no surprise when AT&T’s email announcing …continue reading

Toyota Yaris: More Thrifty Than the Prius?

Over the course of the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to spend a total of three weeks with two Toyota Yaris and one Prius. After spending seven days with a 2009 Yaris five-door last month, I’ve come to the conclusion …continue reading

Cadillac CTS: It's Not What You Think

Confession time: until earlier this spring, I’d never driven a Cadillac.¬† I had a picture in my mind of how a Cadillac would handle, how I’d feel behind the wheel, and how much gas it would use. After spending a week with a …continue reading

Tale of Two Toyota Pickups

I recently had the opportunity to spend a week with four-door versions of the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra. Both trucks were well optioned 4x4s representing the top-end of the current state of the mid-size and full-size pickup market. In testing …continue reading

Road Trip: Minivan or Hybrid Sedan?

When you need to transport half a dozen people over hundred miles of highway, you’re faced with a question that might seem like it’s straight out of a junior high school math class. Is it more cost-effective to pack all six folks into a …continue reading

Inexpensive Gauge Helps Increase Gas Mileage

Looking to increase your gas mileage?

If your car has an instant fuel economy gauge, turn it on and leave it on. Conscientious use of an instant fuel economy display will increase your mileage and can save a significant amount of money over the long …continue reading

Ford Hits High Mark, Pontiac Rides Into the Sunset

In a remarkable start to the week, Ford set a monumental milestone as a team of drivers flew past the 1,000 mile mark on one tank of gas in a 2010 Fusion Hybrid (on their way to an astounding 1445.7 miles). The 1,000 …continue reading

Saving Gas & Your Sanity, Simultaneously

EcoDriving promises “simple solutions to increase mileage and reduce your carbon footprint.” While most folks would like to cut down on the amount of gasoline they’re using (regardless of the current price), if you ask about their carbon footprint, they’re likely to look at you …continue reading

Online Surveys: Money Makers or Time Wasters?

I’ve put my online survey-taking on hold for two simple reason: time and money.

While I haven’t sworn off paid online surveys completely, I’ve become highly selective as to which surveys I complete. Far too many surveys offer far too little compensation for the …continue reading

Expense Tracking

Keeping track of expenses is important for every business. While big corporations have extensive expense tracking software, policies, and procedures¬† in place, many small businesses get by with a relatively haphazard approach. Mom and Pop shops that rely on inadequate shoebox systems might avoid …continue reading

12 Seconds of Inspiration

Inspiration is an intriguing topic. What works for one, might not work for many. The trick is to find what works for you. When I wrote last week about a technique I use to break writers block, it felt great to share something I …continue reading

Car Reviews

Have you ever been in the right place at the wrong time? I began producing car reviews roughly one year ago, on a wing and a prayer. While I could have never predicted the events of the past twelve months, I’ve kept my …continue reading

Where Do You Go For Inspiration?

Funny thing about the writing game … some days you can’t wait to sit down and knock out a piece. But other days you stare at a blank page for what seems like hours (even though it might only be minutes). When this happens to …continue reading

As Seen on TV (and in your inbox)

What’s the deal with the plague of infomercial-marketed products invading our inboxes? Every day, I wake up to a new pile of unsolicited commercial email for these marvels of modern marketing. As seen on TV, and quickly ignored. As seen in the inbox: immediately filtered …continue reading

Pre-charged Rechargeable Batteries

One of the downsides of most rechargeable batteries is that they need to be charged up before you use them the first time. Sanyo eneloops are one of the exceptions to the rule. When our box of competitively priced NiMH AA batteries arrived from …continue reading

iPod in Car

No question about it, iPod in car setups are all the rage … from the least expensive FM transmitters to the high end OEM factory implementations and aftermarket goodies. While I’ve been less then happy with the various inexpensive FM units, I’ve been wowed by …continue reading

NIMH AA Batteries

While I’m a big fan of rechargeable NiMH AA batteries, I’ve noticed something odd (and quite honestly, disappointing) in the last few months. A bunch of the NiMH AA batteries here at ranchero indebto are draining awfully quickly. This problem¬† cropped up with the NiMHs …continue reading

Microfiber Towels

As I walked through the living room this afternoon, the sun was shining intensely through the sliding glass door to the deck. There was no hiding the fact that the glass needed to be cleaned. Seeing that I needed a distraction, I set myself to …continue reading

New Car Bluetooth Integration

Does your car have hands-free Bluetooth? Will your next? I spend a good bit of time checking out the hands-free Bluetooth integration in new cars. With some cars, the simple act of pairing is not so simple …

I had the good fortune …continue reading

Buying in Bulk

I’m fascinated with the idea of buying in bulk. But fear not. I haven’t gone completely off my rocker, filled my shed with supplies, padlocked the door, and set the Rottweilers loose … well, not yet at least. But I am slowly accumulating …continue reading