Does Roadside Advertising Work for Dotcoms?

I was stopped at a rural intersection this morning, with farm fields to the left, right, and ahead of me. As I waited for a few cars to pass, I noticed a roadside sign, directly ahead; it wasn’t advertising a political candidate. It was for …continue reading

Have You Cleaned Your Keyboard Lately?

Take a moment to look at your keyboard. What’s the first word that comes to mind?

While I can be a fanatic about cleaning keyboards, the task often slips to the bottom of the priority list … for months on end … until that …continue reading

Do Political Ads on Television or YouTube Have Influence?

We’re in the midst of the silly season. Political ads fill the airwaves, our snail mail boxes, and YouTube. If you don’t listen to local radio or watch local television, you’ll miss out on much of the fun. It’s attack ad after attack ad, with …continue reading

Will the Ford Fiesta Change Your Mind About Small Cars?

Pundit after pundit has stated that Americans don’t like small cars. To that, I say hogwash. Take a look at the roadways around your town and you might come to a different conclusion. There are plenty of small cars on our streets and their numbers …continue reading

Would You Buy a New SUV?

It might be argued that America has all the big SUVs it needs and that we needn’t build any more. But the times – and the SUVs – they are a changin’. Sport Utility Vehicles are rapidly giving way to Crossovers. V8 engines are on …continue reading

Cadillac CTS Sportwagon: Return of the Great American Wagon?

There was a time when station wagons ruled the road in America. But over the years, the popularity of station wagons waned. The introduction of the minivan marked the opening blow of a one-two combination that was put home by the unprecedented rise of the …continue reading

Honda Accord Crosstour: the Shape of Things to Come?

Automobile marketing experts would like to convince us that Americans don’t like station wagons. The rise in popularity of the minivan, then the sport utility vehicle (SUV), and finally the vrossover would point to this preference… or so they say. On the other side of …continue reading

How Many MPGs Can You Get From a Mustang?

The Ford Mustang is the original pony car, dating back to the spring of 1964. With millions sold over the years, the Mustang means a lot of things to a lot of folks … but few speak of the Mustang with fuel economy and performance …continue reading

2010 Mazda3: What's Up With That Smile?

It’s not every car has something that truly makes it stand out from the crowd. With the 2010 Mazda3, it’s that great big, love-it-or-hate-it smiling grin of a grille that sets it apart from the ever-expanding crowd of compacts.

But the grille is …continue reading

Bark Collar or Not?

The decision to strap a bark collar on Fido is not one to be taken lightly. If a dog barks endlessly, there’s something wrong. Putting on a bark collar won’t solve the problem. It will only stop the barking.

You don’t own a dog. A …continue reading