Honda CR-Z: the Hybrid with a Stickshift

Hybrid cars aren’t all things to all people. Until now, folks that enjoy shifting gears for themselves have been left out of the party … there were no hybrid cars available with a manual transmission. Enter the Honda CR-Z Hybrid : the only …continue reading

Is School Open Today?

Is it a snow day?

Remember the list? In times past, we huddled around the AM radio on those snowy mornings, waiting to hear if our school district was called. These days, we often have to check the school web sites for the happy word …continue reading

Ford Focus Electric Slashes Charge Time

The drumbeat for the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf has been inescapable. As the first two mainstream electric cars to hit the market, the Volt and Leaf are leading the way and creating awareness. As folks become accustomed to the reality of mainstream electric vehicles …continue reading

How Much Will You Spend on Gas This Month?

The pain at the pump is increasing, with the national average price of gasoline cranking up to over $3.00 per gallon this month. The Energy Information Administration reports that the national average price of all grades of gasoline hit $3.013 per gallon back on 12/6, …continue reading

How Many Sump Pumps Are Enough?

A flooded basement is never fun. After years of procrastination, a second sump is being installed here at Rancho Indebto. The peace of mind should be worth an amount exponential to the cost of installation.

While we get by just fine with one sump under …continue reading

Buying a RAID

I finally bought a new RAID last month … after putting off the purchase for eons …

Working with video demands a massive amount of storage space. While most high-end folks are completely digital these days, I still cling to my MiniDV tapes. My ultimate …continue reading

Faster Than a Tesla?

Want a screaming fast, wickedly exclusive electric sportscar, but can’t fit into a Tesla Roadster? The Li-Ion Inizio is built to accommodate professional basketball players. You might need a professional basketball player’s salary, though… as all that E-performance doesn’t come cheap.

Once you can …continue reading

Digital Video or MiniDV?

I shoot a lot of video — all to tape. I’ve been hesitant to switch to a purely digital workflow, as MiniDV tape instantly provides archives. Call me a throwback, but I shoot primarily in standard definition (SD). While it’s long past time to make …continue reading

Where is the iPod Charger?

There’s an unwritten rule here at Rancho Indebto: If something is missing and you buy a replacement, you will soon find the missing item. However, you will only find the missing item after you’ve opened and discarded the packaging.

Yesterday was the perfect case in …continue reading

2011 Buick Regal: What Would Grampa Say?

Of all the automobile brands still on the market today, Buick is perhaps most regarded as the brand for old folks. General Motors (GM) consolidated this market when they shuttered the Oldsmobile brand back in 2004. Facing realities of late, GM has been busily refocusing …continue reading