Tell People How to Contact You with

I may use email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, voicemail, and even AIM throughout the day, but I’m terrible about responding to people — especially if they send me a message on Facebook or use SMS. Other friends function best by communicating via text message, or use …continue reading

What Will Social Media Look Like in Five Years?

Social networking has created a new way for people to connect, and reconnect with old friends and relatives alike. The immense popularity of networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Google+ have made access to these networks easy for everyone from John the high school student to …continue reading

How to Create a Personal Web Page in 10 Minutes

Let’s face it: blogs can be complicated and a pain to keep up to date, and setting up an entire Web site can cost thousands of dollars. Sure, you might have a Facebook account, but you don’t want the entire world seeing pictures of your …continue reading

Why Your Brand Didn’t Benefit from Social Media

Social media is an industry buzzword that is being shouted from the rooftops by everyone from small business owners to marketing gurus for its inherent ability to give your brand a real connection to your customers. Unfortunately, many brands dipped their toes in social media …continue reading

5 Things to Do if You’re Unemployed

Unemployment in the US is holding steady at an extremely high rate, hovering at just about 9%. As this number accounts for the completely unemployed, the number of qualified workers who are underemployed, such as many contractors or freelancers, means the number of those …continue reading

Why I Miss MySpace

I miss MySpace. Yes, I just said that — and I mean it. The social network that my mom once called “the armpit of the Internet” no longer exists the same way is it did three years ago, and whether or not new owners like …continue reading

How to Create a YouTube Account in 10 Minutes

YouTube is one of the most popular and effective ways to share videos on the Internet. YouTube allows users to upload videos about almost anything and share these videos using other social media platforms. Since the demise of the popularity of MySpace, many bands and …continue reading

Did Facebook Just Kill the Public Figure Fan Page?

This week Facebook announced yet another new way to share and read information posted by other Facebook users. In addition to the slew of new privacy controls, including an inline feature that allows users to utilize Facebook friend lists to limit who can see …continue reading

Facebook URLs Now Available to Anyone Without Fans or Friends – Squatters Rejoice

For several years Facebook has enabled Facebook users and page admins to create unique, custom URLs to direct friends and fans to their profiles and pages. It has been a longstanding requirement, though, that users and pages acquire at least 25 friends and/or fans to …continue reading

Social Media and the Arab Spring

In the span of less than a year — since December of 2010 — the Middle East has seen a series of revolutions and general uprisings, protests, and demonstrations in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Saudi …continue reading