TIME Magazine’s 2010 Person of the Year is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

When Facebook first launched on college campuses in late 2004, students were hesitant to sign up for fear of sharing too much about their personal lives with classmates that they barely knew. Six years later, nearly one third of the entire world population has shrugged …continue reading

Super Bowl Advertisers Use Social Media to Grab Fans Before the Game

One of the best things about the Super Bowl – aside from being surrounded by food, family, and friends – are the commercials. Long after the game ends, favorite – or least favorite – Super Bowl commercials are talked about for weeks, and watched over …continue reading

Most Powerful Tweets of 2010 Shows Affect, Reach of Twitter

Can Twitter really change the world? As part of Twitter’s Year In Review – which includes lists of the Top 10 Most Popular Tweets based on trending topics – Twitter has listed the 10 Most Powerful Tweets of 2010. The list includes tweets …continue reading

Filing Your Taxes Gets Social – The IRS joins Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

When it comes to doing taxes, I usually think of three things: first, an expletive – like everyone else, I really hate doing my taxes – shortly followed by how, and when I will file. Eventually an entire Saturday is dedicated to sitting, confused and …continue reading

Oscar Nomination for The Social Network?

“The Social Network”  – aka “the Facebook Movie” – is a likely contendor for an Academy Award after several Film Critics Societies gathered this weekend and named the film, and its actors, the best of the year. The movie, which follows the story of Mark …continue reading

Change Your Password – Gawker Comment Accounts Compromised

If you’ve ever left a comment on Gawker, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Defamer, or any of the other Gawker media properties, stop reading this and go change your password. The Gawker comment database got hacked over the weekend, which means many Gawker readers have probably exposed …continue reading

Twitter Unveils the Top 10 Trending Topics of 2010

While only 8% of Americans have a Twitter account – and barely 4% use the microblogging service actively – those who do tweet can be found tweeting almost obsessively. In 2010, 25 billion tweets were shared globally (and not …continue reading

TweetDeck Launches Web-Based App for Chrome

For all those who love Twitter and Chrome today, good news – TweetDeck has announced the TweetDeck Chrome app that brings features from the desktop app into a web based app for Chrome users.

Users can download the new TweetDeck app …continue reading

Gist Social Profiles for Gmail – Now Available on Chrome

A few weeks ago I raved about the new Social Profiles for Gmail plugin from Gist, that was, at the time, exclusively for Firefox. Social Profiles for Gmail are designed to resolve the “problem” that email isn’t social enough – but instead of creating …continue reading

Only 8% of Americans Use Twitter – Fewer Still Use it Right

If a tree falls and you tweet about it, does anyone read it? Does anyone care?

A recent survey by Pew Research Center shows that only 8% of Americans have a Twitter account, and only half of those even use it. Less frequently do …continue reading

Facebook and Twitter Censor WikiLeaks Supporters

Whatever good – or harm – WikiLeaks is doing for U.S. diplomatic security, reputation, and policy is highly debatable. Some companies WikiLeaks relied upon, including Amazon, PayPal, and its DNS service, have decided to not get stuck in the middle of the politics, canceling the …continue reading

Loopt Launches New Version of App to Manage Facebook Places

Facebook may be facing some backlash for their recent new profile upgrades, but its emergence as the number one site in the U.S. back in March indicates Facebook is here to stay as the dominant social network. The implication for brands and businesses can be …continue reading

New Facebook Profile Pages – There’s No Going Back

On Sunday, Facebook began to allow Facebook users to “upgrade” to new profile pages, which drastically affect how users’ profile information is displayed. Among these changes include the removal of users’ status from the top of each profile and replaced with a summary of education, …continue reading

PayPal Alternatives for Online Payments

For years, PayPal has been the leading method to send and receive money online – especially when using eBay and paying for services like Skype. A number of Paypal alternatives are available, from complete payment services to iPhone payment apps. If you run into …continue reading

How to Make a “Top Friends” List On Facebook

If you upgraded your Facebook profile pages, you might notice the “Featured Relationship” lists on the static left sidebar of your Facebook profile page. While the “Friends” and “Family” lists are not removable, you can create new lists by clicking on the pencil that appears …continue reading

Upgrade Your Profile with New Facebook Profile Pages

Tomorrow, Facebook will officially announce a redesign of profile pages, and Mark Zuckerberg will offer a “sneak peak” of these pages on 60 Minutes tonight. However, if you can’t wait, you can get these new Facebook Profile Pages by going to http://www.facebook.com/about/profile/ and clicking on …continue reading

Cartoons Take Over Facebook to Stop Child Abuse

What was your favorite cartoon as a child? Judging by the new avatars of users’ profiles on Facebook, the most popular cartoons of my generation appear to be Ren and Stimpy, Doug, and Animaniacs. Facebook users are changing their avatars this weekend to bring awareness …continue reading

Three Ways to Use Twitter to Complain About Bad Customer Service

Complaining about a bad customer experience with a business used to be so easier. 1-800 customer service numbers were answered quickly, with a happy customer service representative on the other end ready to listen to your concerns. Now, both 800 numbers and live customer service …continue reading

How to Post to Facebook From Your Phone

Do you love Facebook but still don’t have a smartphone that allows you to easily use the popular social network when you’re away from your computer? Luckily, using text messaging – or SMS – you can still use many of the features of Facebook right …continue reading

4 Things You Shouldn’t Buy from Groupon or LivingSocial

LivingSocial is running a group buying promotion for 50% discount Lasik eye surgery. The company running the promotion might be the best Lasik eye surgery office in Seattle for all I know, but there’s something inherently wrong with buying permanent body alterations from the lowest …continue reading

Share Blog Posts on LinkedIn with New Button and JavaScript API

Joining the ranks of Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is now offering an easy way for bloggers and publishers to add a “share” button allowing readers to share what they are reading directly on LinkedIn. Additionally, LinkedIn is now offering an advanced …continue reading

Celebrities Die on Twitter To Save Lives

Today, December 1st, Kim Kardashian is going to die.

That is, on Twitter, at least.

December 1st is globally recognized as World AIDS day, and dozens of celebrities – including Kim Kardashian –  have teamed up with the Keep a Child Alive foundation, …continue reading

New Gist Social Profiles for Gmail Make Connecting Faster, Easier

During the past few months, we have seen beta versions of browsers launch (Rockmelt) and announcements of entire new email concepts (Facebook) to resolve one “problem” – our email is not social enough. Email doesn’t need to be social – we just need to be …continue reading

Google Might Buy Groupon – Here’s Why It Won’t Matter

The rumors swirled today on an announcement (or actually, question) that Google might buy Groupon for an epic $2.5 billion or more. Tweets flickered, Facebook messages lit up email inboxes and I’m sure some other people couldn’t have cared less. And they rightly shouldn’t …continue reading

Social Media Helps Shut Down New TSA Procedures

The backlash against the TSA’s recent new implementation of aggressive and invasive screening procedures in airports across the U.S. has been not only impressive in numbers, but groundbreaking in ways these protests formed. As the public became  aware of the backscatter machines and “pat-downs,” the …continue reading

Facebook ‘Likes’ MySpace – But Will You Use It Again?

Friday, November 19, 2010, will go down as the day MySpace died. On that day, Facebook announced a new partnership with MySpace. While MySpace has not quite waved their white flag in surrender to the most popular social network, MySpace teaming with Facebook is at …continue reading

How to Find a Job in Social Media

Social Media is one of the hottest new careers, both in popularity and growth, making it critical to develop the right strategy to find a job in social media. The basics of social media are innate to almost every recent college grad looking for a …continue reading

Twitter.com Adds Threaded Conversations

A few months ago, Twitter rolled out a redesign of their platform, New Twitter, that left many with a wishlist of features not included. Twitter listened, and over the last few days implemented the newest and most wanted feature: the display of conversations between Twitter …continue reading

Facebook Wants You to Make It Your Homepage

Facebook sure does not like Google. After recently blocking integration between Facebook and Gmail (which now prevents Facebook users from importing their Gmail contacts), Facebook now wants to you to choose Facebook as your homepage — a setting that has long been dominated by Google.

…continue reading

3 Ways to Find a Job Using Social Media

Need to find a job? You’re not alone. Unemployment is at a steady 9% (as of October 2010) and not expected to improve anytime soon. If you’re among these job seekers, searching for employment is almost a full time job itself. You need a leg …continue reading