Internet Blueprint Project Aims to Give American Internet Users a Political Voice

After the recent failure of bills like SOPA and PIPA in the House and Senate, its been made clear that the American people do, in fact, have a voice — and we are especially passionate about our right to continue to have a voice with …continue reading

Why Your Blog Should Have an Email Newsletter

Whether you run your own personal blog as a hobby or help manage a blog for a business, attracting — and retaining — readers is a crucial component to your marketing campaign. Readers can help increase your ad revenue, drive more traffic to your website, …continue reading

Five Ways to Get Rewarded for Exercising

It’s almost now March, which is a great time of the year to start asking yourself how well you’re doing with your 2012 New Year’s Resolutions. Was getting in shape one of them? If so, just how many times per week are you going to …continue reading

How to Use Pinterest Without Breaking the Law

Watch out, Twitter! Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most popular social networks, edging out other social networks like Twitter for referrals to other websites. Its traffic patterns are also one of the most stunning compared to any existing social network, …continue reading

How to Use Google+ Better

Are you a Google+ user? If so, you’re likely fairly new to Google’s latest attempt at a social network — or at least comparatively new to the beta users who joined Google+ when it first launched in June, 2011. Many of these early adopters have …continue reading

Top Five Sites for Coordinating Events

With almost one billion users on Facebook and nearly 400 million Twitter users, it’s likely that most of your friends, clients, or fans are using social media in some capacity. While there is still something to be said for sending out hand-written invitations to certain …continue reading

How to Balance Your Personal and Professional Life Using Social Media

Are you a professional or college student about to graduate who also uses social media on a personal level? If so, you’re undoubtedly likely aware of the fact that employers are searching for information about both your professional and personal background through …continue reading

Five Must-have Plugins for Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular free and Web-based email services on the Web. When Gmail first launched in 2004, people clamored to get precious invites to this hot new service (not much unlike Google+ last year). However, Gmail is now available for everyone, …continue reading

Is Social Dating the Hot New Way to Find Your Next Hot Date?

I’ll admit it: I’m no stranger to online dating. 100% of my long-term serious relationships have been a result of connecting via either social networks or online dating before meeting in person first (which seems about right considering my career of choice). Though it was …continue reading

How to Control Your Emotions Online

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but when someone says something mean to you on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, it can hurt nearly just as much. You’ve undoubtedly heard the awful, sad stories about teenagers who have committed suicide after being cyber-bullied by peers …continue reading

Top 5 Mobile Social Networks

When you think of social networks, you likely think of popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter or even the reminescents of MySpace of LiveHournal (the latter two of which we think are likely on the verge of making a comeback.) However, with the rise in …continue reading

How to Solve Your Facebook Frustrations

Facebook has become the most popular social network and one of the most popular destinations on the entire Internet, but its not without some very frustrating features. Over the years, Facebook has evolved from a social network exclusively for college students to a social network …continue reading

Facebook Brand Page Tips and Tricks

Facebook is quickly becoming a key ingredient in every brand’s marketing strategy. With nearly 1 billion users, a business that uses Facebook has the opportunity to reach nearly every potential customer. In fact, if you are a brand using social media and leverage Facebook to …continue reading

5 iPhone Apps to Update Now

If you’re an iPhone owner like me, you likely have quite a few apps on your phone. While the average iPhone user has somewhere around 65 apps according to TechCrunch, these apps are constantly being tweaked and fine-tuned by their developers. While Android users …continue reading

How To Update All Of Your Social Networks At Once

Can’t keep up with your social media life life? If you’re overwhelmed by balancing your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social network profiles, you may be exhausted by updating each of your social networks individually – especially if you post the same content …continue reading

How to Remove Google Plus Circles from Google Talk

Google+ has changed the way Google services mix and interact in a big way. With the upcoming change to Google’s privacy policy essentially combining every Google service under one umbrella of terms, it’s clear that Google’s long-term intentions are to intermix various services as much …continue reading

Why Brands Should Use Google+

In the summer of 2011, Google launched its latest attempt at social networking, following the failures of Google Buzz, Google Wave, Orkut, and Jaiku – just to name a few. While Google+ has picked up a few million users, brands have been hesitant to adopt …continue reading

5 Social Networks That Are Making a Comeback

Justin Timberlake is bringing something back, and while it’s not a Grammy Award-winning song from 2007, it’s something equally reminiscent of that same year. As Ashton Kutcher has been busy investing in new startups like Zaarly, Hipmunk, Airbnb and Square, Justin Timberlake is hoping to …continue reading

How to Start a Blog

If you haven’t yet started your own blog, now is never a better time. Starting a blog is easy, fast, and can cost little to nothing. Many people start blogging for a vast majority of reasons, and may choose to either start a free blog …continue reading

Top Five Reasons to Pay for LinkedIn

Looking for a job? You’re not alone. Currently, over 13 million people in the United States are unemployed — and that’s not counting residents who are not able to claim unemployment because they have exhausted or are ineligible for unemployment benefits. …continue reading

Four New Social Networks to Watch in 2012

For over a decade, broad and comprehensive social networks like Facebook and its previously popular predecessor, MySpace, have been the predominant social networks. In the last few years, startups have been building niche social networks that offer unique features depending on users’ interests. Some of …continue reading

How to Engage Key Influencers

Lately we’ve been discussing ways that social media managers can help improve their social strategy, which has become a critical component of any marketing program. A recent study found that 82% of the world’s online population engages in social networking, and two …continue reading

How to Determine Your ROI

ROI is not just a buzzword. This term, which is the abbreviation for “return on investment,” refers to the classic theory in marketing that you must consider the benefit from the overall investment in a marketing campaign. (Of course, the term can be applied to …continue reading

How to Find Key Influencers

Most traditional marketing teams know that promoting a product or generating buzz about a business requires more than just advertising. Marketing teams know they must attract the dedicated attention of key clients, customers, and fans who can spread positive awareness about their products. Some companies …continue reading

Four Unique Ways to Use Pinterest

You’ve likely heard about Pinterest by now; it’s the hot new social bookmarking service that allows users to curate interesting content they find anywhere on the Internet by “pinning” the content to their profile on Pinterest. Traffic on Pinterest increased 429 percent from September …continue reading

The Secret to Getting More Twitter Followers

Do you aspire to be followed by hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other Twitter followers? Recently, Selena Gomez became the 10th Twitter user to have more than 10 million Twitter followers, joining the ranks of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, President Barack …continue reading

The Most Embarrassing IMs and Texts Sent to the Wrong Person

It’s happened to all of us: We’ve accidentally sent a text or instant message to the wrong person. Unfortunately, this tends to happen when we’re typing something that the wrong person shouldn’t be reading — whether it’s because the text or instant message is actually …continue reading

How (And Why) to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Are you guilty of using your phone while driving, checking Facebook while walking down the street, or comparing the price of a potential purchase at the store on your smartphone while still in the store? You’re not alone. The use of the mobile Web is …continue reading

Geeky Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for centuries by romantics as a day to express love and adoration for their spouses and romantic partners. The history of the day is a mystery at best, as legends reference several saints of both Catholic and Roman tradition named …continue reading

Five Ways to Make Online Invoicing Easier

If you own your own small business or help run one, you know that the the bottom line of attracting new clients, securing contracts, and working hard is actually getting paid. However, when you already spend dozens of hours per week devoted to each client …continue reading