Social Media Kills Creativity? Not Quite

Looking at search results, it seems to be believed that social media kills creativity. In fact, I said goodbye to social media myself not so long ago. Yet this decision was grounded mostly in the realization that it didn’t expand my horizon as much …continue reading

Social Networking Sites for Diabetics

A hundred years ago, if you were diagnosed with diabetes, it was basically like being handed a death sentence. Today, with the arrival of new drugs and treatments, this is no longer the case. In addition, diabetics no longer finds themselves at the mercy of …continue reading

Why Companies Should Not Hire Based on Klout Scores

Klout scores have started to find their way into job postings by otherwise reputable companies attempting to find individuals to help run their online communities. This sounds, on the surface, like the company is making an effort to find someone who is willing to back …continue reading

California Employers Banned from Requiring Social Network Credentials

In what can only be described as a win for privacy advocates in California, Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills into law that effectively ban the request of social media usernames and passwords by employers and universities. These laws will go into effect on January …continue reading

Is It Too Late for MySpace?

MySpace has released a video detailing its latest redesign, which intends to bring folks back to the social network that was largely abandoned with the rise of Facebook. MySpace, which was widely known for giving users the freedom to design and decorate their individual profile …continue reading

Anything You Tweet Can Be Held Against You

Social media has created some interesting challenges for those of us who choose to use it. In fact, it is hard for many of us to remember what life was like prior to the cellphone or a time when we were unable to keep up …continue reading

The Day I Let My Kid Have a Facebook Account

Facebook, to be honest, is something I ruefully enjoy. In fact, about a year or two ago, I cancelled Facebook and only came back after several months when I felt it was “safe.” Clustering just my friends and family together, it eventually amassed to a …continue reading

A Plea to Klout

I’ve written about the gamification of influence before, and my main premise remains the same: gamifying influence dismantles trust systems. Some platforms, like, have actually attempted to create a system of trust based entirely on gamification. Klout has taken a …continue reading

Goodbye, Social Media; I’m Leaving You

This is story that has been told many times already, yet this is not a rant. I’m not saying that social media is useless, or a futile attempt to facilitate communication. On the contrary. Social Media is, above all else, a vehicle for inspiration, motivation, …continue reading

Not-so-friendly Requests: Adware on Facebook

“Mom? Why do you ha… where are all these ads coming from on your Facebook wall?” I asked as I sat down next to my mother with my laptop rested on my lap beside her. She glanced up from her laptop and gave a sidelong …continue reading