Amazon Enters the Content Creation World with Living Classics Game

Amazon has made an announcement that is sure to make folks at their competitor’s offices take notice. With the announcement of a new division within Amazon (Amazon Game Studios), the retail giant has entered into the content creation world with a new game …continue reading

Is the World Ready for Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality may finally be heading to the gaming world after decades of failed attempts and lackluster consumer adoption thanks to the Rift project by Oculus. The virtual reality headset has the backing of industry-leading names like Valve and Unity at a weight and price …continue reading

Confessions of a Retired Comment Moderator

Guest blogger Elliot Guest writes:

If you take nothing more away from this article, let it be this: The comment system as we know it is simply a sum of its parts. Those parts that interact together are what we call commenters.

…continue reading

Why Internet Boycotts Usually Fail

My Google+ stream was flooded with calls to boycott Apple this weekend. But I’ve seen countless calls to shut down companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi, JC Penny, JP Morgan, Bank of America, and numerous other multinational corporations that are hardly phased by these loud calls …continue reading

How to Stop Annoying Google+ Event Email Notifications

Google announced a new feature to Google+ during the Google I/O keynote on Wednesday: Events. This is a clever addition to the Google+ service that allows you to schedule events that invitees can add to their Google Calendars and share photos with the rest of …continue reading

What’s the Best Computer for Your Parents?

This post doesn’t apply to all parents, obviously. But if you’ve been living out of the house for a couple of decades or more, you might find this situation familiar. (Or, if you’re younger, you might substitute “grandparents” for “parents.”)

Computers and parents don’t always …continue reading

How Social Media is Playing a Role in Power Global Revolution

The recent Arab Spring revolutions and Occupy Wall Street protests have showed that social media, in particular Twitter and Facebook, have changed the way that power is structured in our society, doing more to democratize and decentralize it.

According to 92Y’s executive …continue reading

Why Your Employees Should Be Involved in Social Media

It seems that so many companies are fighting to keep their employees off Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ out of fear of reduced productivity or a lack of control over how the company is represented in this new medium. In many cases, the official social accounts …continue reading

10 Creative Uses for Google+ Hangouts

Google+ is a great platform on which communities and individuals can come together to collaborate, share ideas, and promote various projects. While the site itself can certainly do with some improvement, some attention should be directed towards one of its biggest assets: hangouts.

Inside a …continue reading

Meet Meesha Salaria, a Seven-year-old Author and Entrepreneur

It’s amazing what you’ll find on Google+ at 4:00 a.m. Last night (as of this writing), I stumbled across a live hangout taking place between Kim Beasley (a member of our Gnomies community) and Meesha Salaria, a seven-year-old author. What makes …continue reading

Five Ways Google+ Could Improve

Google+ is a great social network. I’ve said it; I really do enjoy my time spent with Google+ more than I appreciate the various features of Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social sites that have stolen more time from me over the years than …continue reading

How to Have a Better Google+ Hangout Experience

One of the coolest things about Google+, Google’s latest social network, is Google+ Hangouts. This combination conference call and chat room has an abundance of useful tools and apps to help make your time spent with friends, colleagues, or new acquaintances an enjoyable and productive …continue reading

Five Frequently Forgotten Facebook Functions

I thought that it might be a good idea to tackle this topic since it certainly seems like there are many of you who have forgotten some of Facebook’s functions. This article doesn’t really have a complete or well-formed story behind it, but the basic …continue reading

What is the Future of Social Media?

Social media is a buzzword used to describe a wide variety of online sites and services. Pretty much anything that allows the end user to contribute comments or content would qualify as a form of social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ are just …continue reading

Google Easter Egg Evokes Zerg Rush on Search Results

Google has had its share of Easter eggs in celebration of various individuals and events in history. Today, a new Easter egg celebrates Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft series with a spontaneous defense game that you can participate in by searching for the term “Zerg …continue reading

How to Appear More Employable in Social Media

The Internet today has changed quite a bit from the one I became familiar with during the ’90s. Chat rooms are rarely as anonymous as they once were, and the actions you take have a funny way of becoming a part of the public record …continue reading

The Social Web is Distributed – So How Do We Manage It?

As a developer, I often use the Git version control system to retain a history of my projects as they progress. Git has another advantage, though, in the fact that it has a distributed nature. There is no central location from which you push to …continue reading

How MintChip Could Change the Face of Currency

Imagine a world where currency is no longer measured by pieces of paper or coins. Many of us already live in a similar situation through our credit/debit cards and online payment services like PayPal, but what if your country’s primary currency printer supported digital transactions …continue reading

How Real Are Internet Relationships?

Somewhere in the back of my mind, wherever the unconscious gears of the subconscious grind away, I’m fairly certain my brain is monitoring the quality of my relationships. I know this because there are periods of time every day when I am actively working to …continue reading

#InstaFace and #FaceGram: What Does the Facebook Acquisition of Instagram Mean?

I can only imagine members of the Facebook staff’s facial expressions when they first heard about Instagram. True, they did change over time; I tend to imagine that, at first, Facebook laughed at the proposition of a photo-sharing website based on film-look photography. “Didn’t that …continue reading

Should Social Networks Sue Spammers?

Twitter has made waves recently for its decision to file lawsuits against the five most prolific spammers and spamming tool providers. In a blog post, Twitter announced, “Our engineers continue to combat spammers’ efforts to circumvent our safeguards, and today we’re adding another …continue reading

TaskRabbit Makes it Easier to Find Help, or Make Money Helping

Moving, cleaning, doing laundry, and even getting things fixed around the house can be a big hassle, especially if you’re weighed down with work and unable to take the time required to get it done. Often, we could use another set of hands around the …continue reading

SmileSMS – A Social Network for the Internet Impaired

Guest blogger Lance Seidman writes:

If you’re a typical citizen of the modern western world and take part in daily social media websites on your phone with apps or an implementation of Twitter, Facebook, and so on, you almost can’t think of socializing in …continue reading

Challenges Facing Professional Bloggers

Being a professional blogger sounds like a dream job that requires little actual work and a whole lot of hanging out in the coffee shop down the road. For some, that is exactly the impression they give to anyone who asks how things are. What …continue reading

CrowdsEye Shows You What You Missed at Big Events

SXSW is over and the streets of Austin are finally returning back to their normal, littered state of being. That doesn’t mean you can’t still find and enjoy a little bit of the SXSW experience through proxy. In fact, that’s the very idea behind CrowdsEye, …continue reading

Too Busy for March Madness? There’s an App for That

It’s that time of year again, when even C-level execs brush aside all notions of productivity to watch the 2012 NCAA Tournament. For several weeks, 24 basketball teams fight their way for the NCAA championship, and cubicle dwellers across the country bite their nails, hoping …continue reading

Is Your Computer Killing You?

I know exactly what you’re doing right now. You’re likely sitting in your computer chair, on your couch, or, if you’re being especially lazy, lying in bed and staring at your computer screen. You’ve probably been there for a several minutes, if not an hour …continue reading

Top Five To-do Apps for the iPhone

Life is busy, but luckily iPhone users have dozens of options for apps that can help them keep track of all the things they need to get done during the day. There are dozens of to-do apps in the App Store, but we took a …continue reading

How to Use Pinterest as a Business

If you have a small business, or help manage social media for a business, you’re likely considering how to use Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy. Pinterest has quickly become the hottest social network du jour, and sites like Mashable have (completely incorrectly) cited …continue reading

What Social Media Users Can Learn from Justin Bieber

My apologies for the belated birthday wishes to Justin Bieber, who finally became legal turned 18 yesterday. I’ll admit, I’m not a huge Biebs fan — though you might be able to catch me on a sunny day with the windows open …continue reading