Why Video Game Journalism is Failing Us

Remember that game I was telling you about yesterday? Kingdoms of Amalur? Amazing game and I’m having a blast with it, honestly. However, I made the mistake of checking out the reviews and hands-on-impressions of it before I actually picked up the title. I was …continue reading

Remixing My Father Figures: PBS, Bob Ross, and Fred Rogers

Every morning, a small Candice would stare up at the wood-framed console television that her great-grandparents had in their living room just to spend time with some older gentlemen. One had this soft cardigan sweater and delightful lace-up Keds, singing quietly about all sorts of …continue reading

Dear Candice, I’m Sorry About the Internet

Dear Candice at 15,

Hey, what’s up? Just wanted to check in and see if you were still brazenly penning moody poetry into a tattered black-and-white composition book. Years from now, your grandmother is going to still have that thing and hand it back to …continue reading

Major Malware Attacks on Android: Fact or Fiction?

The conventional wisdom concerning Android phones and devices has been that as long as third party apps are blocked, all would be well. Google has maintained that third party applications from unknown developers could damage your Android device and the company has been fairly specific …continue reading

UP iPhone App Available to Monitor Our Behavior and Improve Our Health

Unfortunately, we Americans suffer from a variety of health related issues, including such maladies as high blood pressure and diabetes. Apparently, these conditions are complicated by our choice of lifestyle and have been confirmed by recent statistics drummed out to us on several nightly news …continue reading

Goodwill Industries Now Offering Online Auctions

Goodwill Industries, a mission driven community, now offers items for sale on the Goodwill auction website. One will notice that, while the Goodwill Industries website operates in a similar manner to eBay and offers similar items, there are some slight differences. One of these …continue reading

Speech Recognition Software: Does It Work?

While all eyes were focused on the introduction of Apple iPhone’s Siri voice recognition software, Amazon quietly bought a voice recognition company called Yap. Yap is the brainchild of a small Charlotte based startup that had been beta testing its product when, in September 2011, …continue reading

Sprint AIRAVE: Access Point That Works

If you live outside the range of a Sprint cell tower, there may be an easy answer to help improve your reception and provide you with a more powerful signal. This device, called the AIRAVE, is provided by Sprint and uses what is called a …continue reading

Can You Update Your Older HDTV?

In our house we have two older HDTVs — one four years old and the other five years old. In TV technology, like in dog years, these TVs, built with only 720P technology, are ancient since they do not support either wireless or wired access …continue reading

Is There Any Safe Way to Date Online?

On Tuesday evenings, my wife and I facilitate a divorce group that helps those who are going through a divorce or have been divorced. One of the most common topics of interest revolves around where one should look for a potential mate. This seems to …continue reading

Five Reasons Why We Are Not Ready for a World Without Cash or Credit Cards

Does anyone remember the paperless office and why that didn’t work? How about the predictions back in the 1960s that one day our cars would be driving themselves down our roadways while we sat reading a book? These and other predictions never came to pass …continue reading

Your Choice: HP TouchPad for $599.99 or $149.99?

In what can only be described as an unusual decision from Best Buy, which allegedly returned a huge number of unsold HP TouchPad units due to sluggish sales, has recently resurrected it from the electronic graveyard. So while it may have been an advertising gimmick …continue reading

Rebates: Are They Worth the Effort?

Several months ago I went to our family physician for a routine checkup where blood was routinely drawn. Before I even left, however, my doctor informed me that I had developed type 2 diabetes, which didn’t completely shock me since diabetes runs in my family …continue reading

Redbox Raises One-Day Rental Rate to $1.20

I am a relative newbie to Redbox and have just started using the online rental reservation system. If you are not familiar with how Redbox handles its reservation services, you may find that you enjoy the ease with which you can rent movies or games.

…continue reading

New to Android? Here Are 5 Must-Have Applications

Since purchasing my first Google Android smart phone a few weeks ago, I have been searching the Internet looking for the best possible Android applications. During the past couple of weeks I have also downloaded, tested, and uninstalled a few dozen applications in an attempt …continue reading

Land Lines Still Being Used In Many Dugouts

I recall when the San Francisco Giants were building their new baseball park, one of the major attributes of the new stadium was going to be the state of the art technology system. Some of the most notable technology features included an HD scoreboard with …continue reading

If You Need to Pay Money to Get Money, You Have Been Scammed

For years we have been warned about scams that involve sending money in order to receive more money in return. These types of scams usually involve a letter, email, or text message, which informs the recipient that they have won some type of a cash …continue reading

Are We More Willing to Pay for Online Content?

When I first got on the Internet in 1995, Netscape was the browser of choice and a 14.4 k modem for a dial-up connection was king. Trying to download a file onto your system was painfully slow and if your connection was dropped (which happened …continue reading

Editions by AOL for the iPad Learns Your Need for the News

News, news, and more news is a compelling reason to find an application that can provide you with the latest news articles and information to keep you informed. One of the problems is that there are too many applications available for individual newspapers and magazines …continue reading

The Sky Is Falling (Really!) – Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite Returning

Some 20 years ago or so, NASA launched a 6.5 ton satellite in space — the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) — which has been described as being the size of a small bus. The space agency later abandoned the hunk of space metal, which …continue reading

California Law Requires Cops to Get a Search Warrant for Cell Phones

Until recently, when someone was arrested for any crime, police in California were allowed to search the cell phone of the person arrested. This open search of the arrested person’s cell phone was allowed whether or not the cell phone had anything to do with …continue reading

Will Dividing Itself in Two Help Smooth the Changes at Netflix?

When Netflix originally announced that it would no longer provide both DVD and streaming service for one low price of $9.99 a month, consumers were in an uproar. The company charging $8 a month for each service separately faced resistance from clients — including me. …continue reading

Google to Offer Free Wallet Application for Nexus Users

Google is planning on a wallet application for those using the Nexus S 4G phone on the Sprint network starting today. The experiment will allow users to tap and go using an application that will automatically pay for purchases on the user’s credit card. In …continue reading

HP Continues to Alienate Consumers by Selling TouchPads to Employees

The never-ending saga of the HP TouchPad has taken another turn for the worse, now that HP has decided to sell the last production units to its employees. What started out as a fire sale in which the HP TouchPad 16 GB units were selling …continue reading

Can Facebook Services Replace Traditional Church?

Before I begin, let me first say that I am a Christian and attend church regularly. In fact, attending church, but more important, trying to lead a Christian life, is a high priority for my family and me. I am actively involved in my church …continue reading

Windows 8 Tablet – What Are Its Chances?

Next week Microsoft will unveil its latest operating system, currently dubbed Windows 8, on a tablet computer system. Though Microsoft knew that the next big thing in the computing world would be tablets, the company struggled in getting in on the tablet bandwagon. In addition …continue reading

Do You Still Trust HP for Your Personal Computing Needs?

On Saturday my wife and I were in Sam’s Club picking up some last minute items for the traditional Labor Day celebration. For those of you not from the US, Sam’s Club is a membership shopping warehouse, where you buy items in bulk with the …continue reading

10 Must Have Free Apps for Your HP TouchPad

If you have purchased an HP TouchPad tablet, you may be interested in some of the applications that are available. Being a lover of free apps, I have compiled a list of applications that I have successfully installed on my HP TouchPad and that I …continue reading

How I Plan on Securing Another HP TouchPad

Last night I showed off my HP TouchPad to a friend of ours who has been considering buying a tablet. She has also tried the Apple iPad we have in our home and fell in love with it. We discussed pricing and I mentioned to …continue reading

How to Find the Elusive HP TouchPad

Most of you are now aware that over the weekend HP had a fire sale of its not so popular TouchPad tablet computer. For the sale HP had discounted the 16 GB model down to $99 and its 32 GB model to $149, resulting in …continue reading