How to Run Multiple EVE Online Clients on OS X


EVE Online is one of the most popular MMO titles available for the Mac, and many EVE players enjoy running multiple clients and controlling several characters at the same time. Unlike most MMOs, EVE doesn’t require the constant undivided attention that most …continue reading

Revisiting iVisit – Conference Calling Like We Did Last Decade

iBOT webcam

A bit over a decade ago I began toying around with my first webcam, a product called iBOT distributed by the now-defunct company Orange Micro. iBOT was a cute little translucent-gray and blue FireWire camera shaped like an eyeball and mounted on …continue reading

Apple Wireless Keyboard Review


I made the purchase of the Apple wireless keyboard late last week with the intentions of giving you lovely people my first impressions of this keyboard. However, that never materialised because of a few circumstances out of my control. The keyboard costs £57 in the …continue reading

Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac: Windows 8 and Beyond

Parallels Desktop 7

This is a sponsored post that I’ve written on behalf of Parallels. All opinions are 100% my own.

Parallels is currently offering an impressive deal in its flagship program, Parallels Desktop 7. Parallels has long been one of the …continue reading

The Ethics Behind the Hackintosh Computer (And Other Things)


Last week, my fellow LockerGnome writer Matt Ryan discussed the legality of Hackintosh computers. That is, non-Apple-branded computers that run OS X. From the community’s reaction, it appears to be a very sensitive topic for some of our readers.

While Matt was …continue reading

How PayPal and Apple’s Fraud Policies Punish the Honest User

Apple ID Disabled

In mid-November last year, I woke up to the sound of my inbox suddenly being flooded with new messages. I have things set to alert me whenever PayPal, Wells Fargo, or iTunes emails me because I know that means that money is either being given …continue reading

Are Hackintosh Computers Legal?


It seems that a week doesn’t go by that we don’t have someone in the community asking about Hackintosh computers. Hackintosh is a nickname given to a PC, made of non-Apple components, which runs on some version of OS X. Simply put, this is seen …continue reading

OS X (10.8) Mountain Lion: Unifying the Computing Experience

OS X (10.8) Mountain Lion

Within a year of Apple’s release of Lion (Mac OS X 10.7), they’re preparing to unleash Mountain Lion – providing even more of an integrated experience for those people who rely heavily on iOS devices (or, as I like to call ’em: the gateway …continue reading

How to Do a Clean Reinstallation of OS X Lion

OS X Lion Installation

Being in the business of testing and tinkering with computers, it’s no surprise that I have to format and reinstall once in a while. This habit is closely associated with Windows machines, which are larger targets for viruses and other malicious software. Contrary to popular …continue reading

Six Reasons OS X is Better Than Windows

OS X Lion

As we investigate the current state of matters between Windows and OS X, people tend to mention the same two or three differences that stand out more than others. Gamers claim that OS X is terrible for gameplay; programmers might say that Windows offers a …continue reading

iTunes Match Goes Live – Here’s How to Sign Up


Apple was a little bit late on its promise of a “late October” release for iTunes Match, its new music subscription service that lets you have cloud access to all of your songs for $24.99 per year, but it has finally made the service …continue reading

Do You Like iCloud?

do-you-like-iCloud user macmanmcmanaman (now suspended, presumably for having too few vowels in too long of a name) asks:

Do you like iCloud? Do you?”

I’ll begin to answer a question with another question: Do you think that cloud computing — that is, keeping your …continue reading

Go Hands-Free on Your Mac with Dragon Dictate 2.5

Dragon Dictate

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nuance. All opinions are 100% mine.

I use the Dragon Dictation feature on my myTouch 4G phone almost daily and I’ve used Dragon NaturallySpeaking on Windows for years. Speaking to my computer …continue reading

How to Troubleshoot Microphone Issues on a Mac

It’s happened to everyone at one time or another. You’ve signed on to Skype or TeamSpeak, initiated a call, and the person on the other side can’t hear you. You know you’ve checked the connection to the Mac, and everything should be working according to …continue reading

Steve Jobs Leaves Behind a More Capable Apple

Writing this, one day after the passing of Steve Jobs, I have an inbox full of news articles speculating as to the future of Apple without Steve. After all, how well did Apple fare during the years after he was ousted by the Board of …continue reading

What Can Steve Jobs Teach Us About Legacy?

Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple, has passed away. He was 56. Writing these words is probably one the most surreal experiences for any tech writer, and certainly for any former Apple employee. Bottom line: Steve Jobs was a remarkable individual, and he …continue reading

Will Siri Become Available for OS X?

Tuesday, Apple announced Siri for the iPhone 4S. This artificially intelligent virtual assistant can schedule meetings, answer questions, send messages on your behalf, and even read them to you. There’s apparently very little that Siri doesn’t do for you. This makes me wonder …continue reading

iA Writer for OS X Review

This is my first full-on article writing attempt about iA Writer. It’s is a pretty straightforward writing program that enables you to forget about everything else and just put your thoughts down in text. iA Writer is currently available at the Mac …continue reading

Does Google Chrome Work with Mac OS X Lion? user IAmPayDayJ asks:

Is Google Chrome stable enough to run properly on OS X Lion?”

Chris Pirillo answers:

“If you’re not a fan of Mac OS X, it’s okay; this question is really going to be answered in relation to Google, which …continue reading

Corel Painter Essentials 4 Lets You Turn Photos into Works of Art

You’ve probably seen more than a few programs out there that claim they can turn a photo into a painting with a single click. For the most part, these applications all work pretty much the same. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy to tell them apart …continue reading

Create Unique and Interesting Art Using Fumy

Like many art lovers, I have little to no actual talent when it comes to putting my creative passions down on paper. I’ve tried several incredible art apps available on a multitude of different platforms. From 3D modeling to photo mastering, I had yet to …continue reading

How to Activate a Firewall on Your Mac in OS X Lion

Taking your Mac with you to the local coffee shop, or just around the town for day-to-day needs can be an excellent way to stay connected on the go. Unfortunately, not every network is locked down and secured. In many cases, you are unknowingly trusting …continue reading

How to Remove Apps from Launchpad in OS X Lion

OS X Lion has been out for a while now, and users are beginning to make the switch in droves. Early adopters and cautious users alike are finding the increase multi-touch functionality and various improvements made in Lion reason enough to make the upgrade. One …continue reading

How To Open Your Library Folder In OS 10.7 Lion

A lot of the changes Apple made in Mac OS 10.7 Lion have had to do with making the overall experience easier for computer newbies — Launchpad makes it so you don’t have to find and use the Applications folder, “All My Files” hides the …continue reading

What Was Your First Mac?

The Apple community has long been known for being a world unto its own. This community includes tech enthusiasts, artists, and just about anyone who gets excited about any of Apple’s products. While I wouldn’t say that companies like Microsoft or HP don’t have an enthusiastic following …continue reading

Steve Jobs Resigns: Five Products That Make Apple Great

On Wednesday, Steve Jobs stepped down as the CEO of Apple Inc. following an extended leave of absence in order to focus on his health. During this time, Tim Cook (Apple’s Chief Operations Officer since 2004) has been acting as interim CEO, handling day-to-day business. …continue reading

How to Uninstall Boot Camp on OS X

For one reason or another, you may need to recapture that extra hard drive space you set aside for Boot Camp. Perhaps you have another machine you’d like to transfer your Windows license over to, and don’t need Boot Camp on your Mac anymore. No matter …continue reading

Reconnect with Your Relatives and Friends Using FaceTime

Yesterday, my parents finally jumped on the iOS bandwagon and got a couple of iPads. The first thing my mother wanted to do was test out FaceTime, a feature of iOS (and OS X) that has received lackluster attention from some tech pundits for being …continue reading

How to Install Windows on a Mac Using Boot Camp on OS X Lion

After selling my Windows laptop, I decided it’s high time I get a notebook that is as portable as it is useful. Since most of my work at home is done on a Mac, the MacBook Pro seemed like the perfect choice. Unfortunately, there are …continue reading

Will Microsoft Office Support Lion’s New Document Management Features?

So, you’ve upgraded to Mac OS 10.7 Lion, and you’re enjoying all the great new features like Mission Control, Launchpad, and the new gestures, but there’s something missing in Microsoft Office. With all the emphasis that Apple put on both full screen mode and …continue reading