Unboxing the Apple iPad

I know, I know… you’re not sure you want to believe that this time I truly unboxed the real thing. After all, I teased you on April Fool’s Day. However, I promise you that this time I’m telling the truth! I even set up a …continue reading

Chris Pirillo Live Stream iPad App

If you’re a fan of my live stream who also happens to be getting an iPad, you’re going to want this app. Steve (Granit in our chat room) has come up with an app that will allow you to see the video AND the …continue reading

Attend Meetings Online with Your iPad using GoToMeeting

I’ve talked about GoToMeeting many times in the past. It’s an excellent way to conduct a meeting online, and it’s easy to use. It’s free to attend meetings, takes seconds to join and offers unlimited toll-based or free VoIP audio options. With the launch …continue reading

iMockups Wireframe iPad App

Developers are going to want this app for their iPad. If you weren’t planning to buy an iPad, this app alone could very well change your mind. You already carry around some type of notebook to sketch out your ideas for the next must-have …continue reading

Twitepad Launch Delayed?

thomashk from InfoXenter and Twitepad writes:

Twitepad is an iPad Twitter client [that we were hoping would be] available at the iPad launch, but we had some bad news from Apple yesterday.

They rejected the build that was compiled with the final …continue reading

5 Reasons Not To Buy An iPad

While many Apple enthusiasts can’t wait to be in line to own their newest creation, the iPad, this weekend, others are taking note of some of the reasons why it may not be worth its weight in hype. While the iPad certainly sounds and looks …continue reading

Carter’s Encyclopaedia Of Health and Medicine

Carter’s Encyclopaedia of Health and Medicine is an extremely comprehensive iPad application specifically written for the general public.

This 1,800 page encyclopedia containing 12,000 entries is being published first on iPad. The app’s design resembles that of an authoritative hardback encyclopedia complete with bookmarks …continue reading

How $0.99 Could Change The Print Industry

It’s no secret, the print industry is on its last leg. It was revealed a few years back that the world’s largest newspaper, The New York Times, was having financial difficulties*, and had to restructure itself to remain viable. With advertising revenue shifting to new …continue reading

Add Photos Wirelessly To Your iPad

Apple’s latest creation, the iPad, will undoubtedly change the way we interact with our connected lifestyles. For many, casual computing consists of surfing the web, writing emails and sharing photos. Thus far, one of the major concerns with the iPad is getting digital content, such …continue reading

Sony iPad Competition Hits

Seems like everywhere we turn, iPad alternatives are popping up. Well now we have Sony reducing the price of their own Pocket Reader, coming into the new price point at $169. Now while the price is fantastic, I am of the mind that …continue reading