Is It Worth Putting an SSD in My Mac? user ryebread761 writes:

Hello. I have a mid-2010 13.3″ MacBook Pro. It has a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, and (I believe 5400 RPM) 250 GB HDD that came with it.

If I don’t get a new computer this year, …continue reading

Tips for Raising Money for a MacBook Pro

At, Edward991 writes:

I’m a 13-year-old boy and I do a lot of filming and editing. I really want a MacBook Pro; what is the best way to make money for a it?

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Fusion Drive Vs. HDD

At, Roadrunner writes:

I’m going to buy a 27-inch iMac for video editing with Final Cut Pro x. Should I upgrade to a fusion drive?

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Retina Displays: Not Seeing Pixels for Almost Half a Year

It all started in October. I ordered my new MacBook — a Retina Display MacBook Pro 15-inch with all the base specs — as a half-gift. When I say that, I mean I saved a majority of the money, and my mom covered the rest …continue reading

The Mac Essentials Bundle

Bundle. It’s such a comfortable, cozy word, isn’t it? When a baby is delivered into the world, it’s swaddled up lovingly and called a bundle of joy. The word also implies a sort of togetherness: you can’t make a bundle with just …continue reading

Should You Buy an iMac or a MacBook?

At, Solidsafety2 writes:

I am looking at buying an iMac or a MacBook Pro with Retina display, but I don’t know which to get. I know that Chris has an older iMac and he likes the new one, and he also has a MacBook …continue reading

Are Macs Just for Video Editing and Graphic Design?

At, Oscar Wood asks:

Are Macs just for video editing and graphic designing?

The short answer to your question is no. There is very little you can do with a Windows-based PC that you can’t do with a Mac. That said, there …continue reading

Is a Mac mini Good for College Students?

At, Chuck N. Edmonds writes:

I’m a student at a local community college taking classes full time and working full time to cover costs of school and living. Most of my classes are online, and my Windows PC has pooped out on me — …continue reading

MacBook Pro Retina 13″ Vs. iMac 27″

Dan Belcher writes:

I don’t have a personal computer at the moment — apart from an iPad 3 and an iPhone 5. I am currently looking for a Mac; which do you think would provide the best experience: an iMac 27″ or a MacBook …continue reading

Is the MacBook Pro with Retina Going to Replace the MacBook Pro?

Mervyn writes:

Is it possible that Apple might take the current MacBook Pro off the market as sales drop due to customers choosing between the MacBook Pro with Retina and MacBook Air? Personally, I find it doubtful that the MBP can be taken …continue reading