How to Use a MacBook With an External Monitor

A MacBook Pro or Air is an excellent computer to have with you on the road. Long battery life coupled with a powerful CPU is really all someone needs while they’re working from the road, but should you live with a smaller monitor while you’re …continue reading

Widespread Display Issue on the New Mac minis

Sometimes, I get emails asking simple questions that I’m able to answer. And then other times, well, it helps to bring in the community. Has anyone else experienced what our friend Farhan encountered here?

Hello, Chris. I hope you are doing well. …continue reading

Apple Event Roundup: What Was the Most Important Announcement?

Apple made a series of big announcements this week. Most of them relate to hardware including the new 13-inch MacBook Pro and iPad mini, but some are related more directly to software offerings like iBook.

Everyone will have a different opinion about which announcement is …continue reading

Apple Releases a New 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Just when you thought Apple was done announcing new MacBooks this year, it comes out with another contender just in time for the holiday season.

During a press event on Tuesday, Phil Schiller unveiled a new, thinner MacBook Pro which features an impressive 2560 x …continue reading

Apple Announces New, Thinner iMac

The eighth generation iMac was unveiled Tuesday during a press event. At first glance, the iMac appears to be almost paper thin, but this is actually just a camera trick due to some clever angle work by Apple.

A 5 mm edge on the iMac …continue reading

Apple Unveils New Mac mini

Apple announced a new, faster Mac mini during a press event on Tuesday. This announcement came out of a mass of rumors surrounding a possible upgrade that have swarmed the Web over the past two months.

The new Mac mini looks exactly like the last …continue reading

How to Inventory Your Magic: The Gathering Cards

Magic: The Gathering has been around for more than a decade. I remember playing MTG in the back room of a local comic shop in Victoria when I was younger. I’d ride my bike down to the shop each Saturday, pay $1 to get …continue reading

How to Record Audio on a Mac

Recording audio through OS X on a Mac is quite easy. Most Macs come with GarageBand, and every version of OS X since Snow Leopard has audio recording software baked right in to QuickTime. To add to the ease of recording, Apple has gone …continue reading

Kinect for Mac? Kinda

The Mac App Store is a great place to find apps and tools made for OS X. Occasionally, you find a gem in the free section that takes no time making its way to the top of the lists. This is certainly the case with …continue reading

How to Change the Batteries on an Apple Keyboard

Believe it or not, we do get the occasional question about how to change the batteries in a device such as the Apple keyboard. Changing batteries should be a simple process, but often times form takes precedent over function and what should be obvious is …continue reading

How to Turn Off Autocorrect on a Mac

Autocorrect has been built-in to OS X for years, though an advanced and more intrusive version has been in place since the introduction of Lion and Mountain Lion. Unfortunately, it’s not always a welcome feature as many people prefer to use their own spell checking …continue reading

How to Print Screen on a Mac

The Print Screen feature on Windows is one of the most important tools for anyone in the business of sharing information and tutorials on the Web. It’s quickly becoming a popular tool for folks using social networks to ask questions about whatever it is that …continue reading

How to Add Twitter and Facebook to OS X Notification Center

Apple introduced a new notifications feature to OS X with Mountain Lion, and software developers have been finding new and interesting ways to integrate their applications into it. For Facebook and Twitter, this integration is actually built-in to the operating system. Not only can you …continue reading

How to Change Default Boot OS on a Mac

Let’s say you use Boot Camp or some other method for creating two independent instances of OS X on a single drive. What do you do if you want to change the default instance so you don’t have to select the drive each time you …continue reading

Change How Notification Center Alerts You in OS X

Mountain Lion introduced the OS X Notification Center to the world. It’s a single notification area that keeps you updated on calendar events, email, and status updates on various applications you might be running on OS X. This largely replaced Growl notifications for a number …continue reading

What Are the Similarities Between OS X and Windows?

Every day, we are bombarded with information comparing one operating system to another as if to provide some new breakthrough revelations in order to further widen the divide between users. Frankly, these two operating systems have more in common than they do in difference. Each …continue reading

iAntivirus by Norton for Mac Review

Why is an anti-virus sitting at the top of the Mac App Store’s list of the top free apps? Are Apple users really that paranoid about viruses? This isn’t Windows, after all.

Well, contrary to popular belief, there actually have been cases of viruses made …continue reading

A Trip Down OS X Memory Lane

Remember when an Apple OS was just a number, and not a cat? If you can’t, why don’t you stick around and take a history refresher with me? Let’s start out where it all began: Macintosh OS 1, or System. By today’s standards, it was …continue reading

How to Get Windows 8 (and More) Running Great on a Mac

This post is being run to help Parallels, our sponsor, promote its new release. Editorial has not been crafted or modified by Parallels; All views are 100% my own.

You know, Windows 8 is starting to grow on me — despite a …continue reading

How I Got Apple to Replace My Old MacBook Pro for a New Model

Let’s get this out of the way first: This is not a post that endeavors to tell you how to scam Apple. Rather, it’s one person’s story about how excellent customer service as a reaction to technical difficulties served to alleviate consumer hardship by going …continue reading

My Life in the Apple Ecosystem

My adventures with Apple began when I was around 10 years old and I got my very first iPod, the nano second generation. It had 2 GB of storage and it was the greatest thing I had ever used up to that point. My library …continue reading

MacLegion Offers Free Software Bundle to OS X Users

I love useful software. Even more than that, I love free software. After having enjoyed MacLegion’s previous bundles, it was a pleasant surprise to see a notice about a free bundle being offered right now in anticipation of MacLegion’s next big paid bundle coming out …continue reading

How to Turn Off or Change Mouse and Trackpad Acceleration in OS X Lion

Mouse and trackpad acceleration is very different on OS X than it is on Windows. While both operating systems have some degree of acceleration, OS X has a much larger rage of acceleration, which makes it a difficult adjustment for folks making the switch. Gamers …continue reading

Buying a Mac to Run Windows

Guest blogger Karl Newark writes:

Running Windows on an Apple machine has been possible ever since Apple ditched the PowerPC processor for Intel; this can a very attractive feature to a potential customer as it can offer the best of both worlds. But …continue reading

Does Apple’s EPEAT Status Matter?

Apple received an incredibly overwhelming response from customers, pundits, and doubters alike after having pulled its products from Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) certifications. It did so, in theory, because its latest MacBook Pro with Retina display failed to meet the standards …continue reading

Five Ways to Geek Your Mac

Being a Mac can often mean being unfairly grouped into a trendy group of would-be artists who spend all day hanging out at coffee shops. While yes, many of us here at LockerGnome spend more than our fair share of time at coffee shops, we …continue reading

Apple Design: is It Really Timeless?

Apple products are known the world over for their iconic industrial design. Before we take this debate any further, let us be clear about one thing. Taste is, of course, subjective, but the mechanisms that result in great design are not. The work involved in …continue reading

Is Apple Phasing out the Mac Pro?

During the keynote address of Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) Monday, Apple unveiled a lot of changes to its MacBook line including upgrades to the MacBook Air and Pro lines and a new style of MacBook Pro entirely featuring a thinner frame and a …continue reading

‘Next Generation MacBook Pro’ Features Retina Display, Thinner Body

During the keynote at WWDC Monday, Apple unveiled a series of updates for its current MacBook Air and MacBook Pro line. In what is perhaps the most significant update to the MacBook Pro in years, Apple unveiled what it calls the “Next Generation MacBook Pro” …continue reading

Should You Buy a Used MacBook?

Dennis, a member of the Gnomies community, asked: “Is it a good idea to buy a secondhand or refurbished MacBook Pro?”

Dennis, this is an excellent question and one with several answers. I’ll try to break things down here in a …continue reading