Mac Learning Curve: Hurdles Moving from PC to Mac

So you’re considering moving from a PC to a Mac. Maybe you’d like to use both operating systems, or maybe you’re considering a permanent switch. The problem is, you’ve never used a Mac before, let alone the latest operating system: OS X Mountain Lion. Here …continue reading

Apple Router Setup – Secure Your AirPort Extreme Home Network

Anyone with an Internet connection knows that some of type of modem is always called for. It’s usually a rather nondescript (or downright ugly) electronic box that plugs directly into the cable or telephone line that your Internet …continue reading

Do You Think I Need to Update My MacBook Pro?

Louis McGonigal writes:

Hello, Chris!

My name is Louis McGonigal; I am 23, and from the UK. I love watching your vlogs; they spur on my passion for the world of technology and everything else. I am a big fan of yours and have been …continue reading

Video Editing on the Mac: Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro?

When video editing on the Mac, you’ve got a lot of choices as far as what tools you can use for the task. But it usually boils down to a face off between the two most popular software options on the market: Adobe Premiere Pro …continue reading

Buying a Used MacBook: How Old is Too Old?

Sherlock Slater is considering buying a used MacBook:

I’ve used a Mac before and loved using OS X. I’m considering buying a secondhand MacBook or a MacBook Pro. In buying a used MacBook, how old of …continue reading

Mac Photo Management: How Do I Switch from Using iPhoto?

Kevin seeks a solution to his Mac photo management woes:

Currently, all of our family photos are stored on my iMac using iPhoto. I would prefer to move everything to a Dropbox folder, so that they are stored both on my computer and the …continue reading

Do I Need a Mac mini to Supplement My MacBook Pro?

Andy Abou writes:

Hey, Chris!

Just wanted to start off by saying that I am a big fan and have watched you since you were using XP as a primary OS. I am a DJ and have a 2011 MacBook Pro with 8 GB of …continue reading

Will Apple Make a Cheaper MacBook Air?

Josh Walls writes:

Will Apple ever make a laptop that costs around $600 or $700? It would make sense, right? Drop the price of a MacBook Air around $300 and people would start buying! I know I would, but $999 just for a MacBook Air …continue reading

Chrome Vs. Safari on OS X

At, SteliosTsl asks:

Which browser is the best for my iMac: Chrome or Safari?

Browsers are typically a very personal choice. Few browsers are as alike in both backend scripting and general capabilities as Chrome and Safari. Both of these browsers …continue reading

Roaring with the OS X Mountain Lion Server Course

You’re the envy of your colleagues and an object of unending desire among those who admire you from afar and anear, alike. You enjoy the rush of knowing everything under the sun about every potential server and network configuration available, and you’re …continue reading