Do Online Virus Scanners Really Work?

Those of us who are locked into the Windows operating system ecosystem are keenly aware of the importance that anti-virus, anti-malware — anti-whatever — software plays. In fact, every morning when I start my Windows 7 laptop, I patiently wait as my protection software loads …continue reading

Death Star Petition Passes Threshold for Official Response from White House

A petition launched on to begin the process of designing and constructing a Death Star for the US has received enough signatures to require an official response from the White House this week. While it’s pretty clear that an actual Death Star …continue reading

Why Subway Can’t Gain Traction on Its Viral Video Campaign

It never ceases to amaze me just how bad some corporate marketing campaigns can be. It isn’t so much that the concept is weak, but the execution just doesn’t do a good idea justice.

Subway is one of the largest and most recognized restaurant chains …continue reading

DoorBot – the Wi-Fi Enabled “Smart” Doorbell

The concept of a video intercom that lets you view who is at the front door is not new and is featured in many residences around the US and other parts of the world. The DoorBot improves upon this idea by allowing you to interact …continue reading

Do You Want Advertisements to Follow You from Device to Device?

What do you do when a former employee of Google starts her own company with a service that will target advertising to you directly across multiple devices? My first response is “Where is my privacy and who gets to decide what companies get to follow …continue reading

How to Improve Your Windows 8 Experience

Windows 8 has been out for a while now and many users are scratching their heads about exactly what to think about Microsoft’s latest operating system. It seems to be a fairly mixed bag in terms of reviews by users I’ve encountered with some loving …continue reading

Best Travel Gadgets

As any frequent flier would tell you, efficiency is everything when you’re traveling. Sure, you could land at your destination and take a quick trip to the local store to pick up whatever you need when you land, but sometimes it’s what you take with …continue reading

It’s 12-12-12. At 12.12 Seconds Past 12 – Will the Clouds Go Dark?

Today’s date is recognized as 12-12-12 in many parts of the world. To those who are superstitious, this happenstance — along with the fact that this will be the last sequential date of this century — indicates a variety of potentialities. Some are celebrating the …continue reading

Teeth Whitening Gadgets

Everyone wants to have a brighter and whiter smile. Drinking tea and coffee, soda, and even some of the things we eat can leave a very noticeable stain on our teeth over time. Brushing alone doesn’t get the job done, and even a professional cleaning …continue reading

The Best Consumer Technology Typically Goes Without Notice

Our minds work in a funny way. You might think that the best technology out there is the technology that you take notice of the most. In fact, some of the best consumer technology out there goes unnoticed by the vast majority of the people …continue reading

Will Colorful Snap-on Covers Be Enough to Save the Windows Phone?

One of the more humorous articles we have presented here at LockerGnome was a piece that was written by Candice Shane entitled My Life as a Windows Phone Pariah. In the article, Candice provided her take on why she personally likes the Windows …continue reading

Archos GamePad: a New Way to Game

Physical gaming pads that blend a screen with physical buttons may not be new, but the Archos GamePad is one of the first gaming pads that will be offering Android Jelly Bean 4.1. For those of you who are not familiar with the Jelly Bean …continue reading

Sony Xperia E: is It Worth $200?

Sony has been making high-quality smartphones for many years, some of which are excellent devices worth considering. The company’s recent entry is for its Xperia E, which is a budget-priced smartphone with an approximate price tag of about $200 when the device is released. What …continue reading

Build Your Own Arcade

Last year, for our grandson’s birthday, he requested we hold his birthday party at a retro 1980s arcade parlor. I found it odd, since I thought that with all of the gaming consoles and computer games, old arcade games and pinball machines would be a …continue reading

Never Trust Laptop and Tablet Reviews

The title of this piece, Never Trust Laptop and Tablet Reviews, was suggested by Chris Pirillo. This is a fairly bold statement for LockergGnome to make, considering that many of the articles we write are, in fact, reviews of products. But the main …continue reading

Home Aquaponics Kit: Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food

The first time I took a look at this project that is seeking funding on Kickstarter, the words “self-cleaning fish tank” immediately stuck out. I have owned several fish tanks during my lifetime, only to find that trying to keep a tank clean and the …continue reading

Finding Internet Content the Easy Way with Soovle

Finding content on the Internet can sometimes be a challenge. There are people who will read this post who may be involved in writing articles for a blog, newsletter, or other publication that struggle finding topics that will interest their audience. While we can choose …continue reading

New York Touchscreen Kiosks Set to Augment Payphone Booths

As they say, there is nothing permanent in the world except change. And nowhere is change more prevalent than in the Big Apple. Right now, the city is starting a rollout of touchscreen information kiosks that are set to take the place of …continue reading

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Makes Backing Up DVDs Easy

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Digiarty Software, Inc. All opinions are 100% my own.

Creating digital backups for physical media is a long-standing pastime of the geek. I remember making copies of game discs because the original would almost …continue reading

Blogging Should Never Be About Freebies

I recently came across a comment thread between a blogger and a product representative. In the thread, a handful of bloggers made the point that free products are their payment for doing reviews, and it’s an insult to a blogger to offer a small sample …continue reading

How to Turn Your Desk into a Touchscreen

Touchscreen technology has made a huge change in the way that all of us compute and has brought the tablet computer into popularity. Microsoft and its new Windows 8 is touchscreen-enabled and has joined others in the touchscreen arena. But while touchscreens seem to be …continue reading

Why is This Linux PC More Expensive Than a Windows PC?

When Dell introduced the world to an Ubuntu-based Ultrabook, I was incredibly happy. Ubuntu has long been a favorite among Linux users as kind of a gateway drug to the greater world of Linux, and Dell has always been a supporter of the open platform …continue reading

Which is a Better Value: Insignia Flex or Kindle Fire HD?

Last week I stopped by our local Best Buy store to take a look at the tablet computers it had on display. No matter if you are a Best Buy fan or not, you will have to agree that the company has a wide offering …continue reading

Why is the Xbox 360 Still Selling So Well?

When Nintendo boasted 400,000 sales of the Wii U during the first week, tech pundits took note. It was a stunning number, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to the 750,000 Xbox 360s which sold during the week of Black Friday this year. Even …continue reading

Is the Tech Industry Age Biased?

Is it harder to find a job in the technology industry if you have a few more years on you than most of the owners of the company you’re applying for? Silicon Valley is a strange place where youth is considered more of an advantage …continue reading

What to Look For in SD and microSD Cards

A lot of people are going to be receiving gadgets that require SD or microSD cards this holiday season. When you go to the store, it’s easy to just grab a random one from the shelf based entirely on capacity and price. Unfortunately, it’s easy …continue reading

Do You Care if Google is Evil?

Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” motto is one of the legendary phrases of tech history, but plenty of theories and information have come to light in recent years that appear contrary to the very principle. The infamous interview with Eric Schmidt where he declared, “If you …continue reading

A Smart Image Editor Has Finally Arrived

 Unfortunately, the project has failed and was not fully funded on Kickstarter.

For any of us who have edited an image and gone back to tweak it, we have at some point ended up losing all of our previous adjustments. Even when we attempt …continue reading

Could This Be the Ultimate Sound System for the Apple iPad?

With so many new products and accessories being introduced on a daily basis, it is sometimes hard to separate one product or accessory from another. But this is not the case with a new speaker system being introduced for the Apple iPad. The new product …continue reading

Do You Run a Tor Server? You May Risk Going to Jail

Imagine sitting your home one day enjoying a movie with the spouse when suddenly the police burst through the door. They confiscate your computers and charge you with possession and/or transmission of unlawful photographs. You might legitimately have no idea what they’re talking about, but …continue reading