Super Mario Bros. Theme Played on Wine Glasses and Frying Pan

Mike Green writes:

I’ve been keeping up with Dan Newbie’s YouTube channel. He makes music with everyday items and he’s at it again! I just had to share; I think you would love to see his latest video, in which he plays the …continue reading

Ocean in Motion Revolving Aquatic Scene

The Ocean in Motion Revolving Aquatic Scene is like having an aquarium lamp with fish that swim around in circles on important fish business. No, they’re not real fish, but they’re part of a revolving fish scene in an aquarium atmosphere.

The …continue reading

The Delightful and Dubious Online Tech Trends of 2013

Have you been blissfully caught off guard by all of these new and fancy tech trends that are saturating the marketplace? Wonder which tech trends will stick around or which should be buried in the desert along with lost copies of Atari cartridges? Yeah, I …continue reading

Welcome to the Nexus of Geekdom

Welcome to LockerGnome: the Nexus of Geekdom! Last Friday, I did a live TLDR and answered viewer questions on the spot — were you there? If not, don’t fret, because it’s all been recorded for posterity and presented here for you in this …continue reading

There is No Gamer Girl: Breaking Down Gender in Gaming

Do you know any females into gaming? You know, the girls who play videogames? ┬áThe human beings that happen to have a uterus and they also enjoy tearing it up with a controller or mouse and keyboard in hand? I bet you know them, right? …continue reading

Why Are Edward Snowden and NSA PRISM Scaring Us?

Coming off of Edward Snowden’s release of documents that showcase what theorists have already been touting for decades now: a government “need” for our personal records from both phones and Internet. There are banks built from the ground up with the intention of …continue reading

The Forge: Suicide Prevention Turned Up to 11

I know many people have their lives touched to some degree by the heartache of suicide. Whether it be from a family member, a significant other, a friend, or maybe even someone known indirectly, many people have witnessed the devastation left behind. Personally, I’ve seen …continue reading

Data and Information Ethics

How do your ethics cope with today’s availability and exchange of data? Guest blogger Andrew Rosenfeld writes:

I remember the first time I spoke the words, “I believe information should be free.” A close family friend and English man confronted me at the dinner …continue reading

How to Go Paperless

Ever wondered how you can go paperless? At, Nick Anselmo writes:

Tell me which services/software you use to go paperless. Sign up for ebills? Get everything mailed to you, then scan it? Go online, save PDFs, and use native software, etc.?

…continue reading

How Online Video Conferencing Services Pay for Themselves

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Citrix. All opinions are 100% my own.

Video conferencing has come a long way since the days of Dick Tracy, when the idea of face-to-face communication across distances inspired the minds of a …continue reading