New Spintronics Material Could Help Usher In Next Generation Of Microelectronics

As the electronics industry works toward developing smaller and more compact devices, the need to create new types of scaled-down semiconductors that are more efficient and use less power has become essential.

In a study to be published in the April issue of Nature Materials …continue reading

Cloves Are The Best Natural Antioxidant

Using spices eaten in the Mediterranean diet as natural antioxidants is a good way forward for the food industry, given the beneficial health effects of these products. This has been shown by researchers from the Miguel Hernández University (UMH), who have put the clove …continue reading

Sleep Deprivation Influences Drug Use In Teens' Social Networks

Recent studies have shown that behaviors such as happiness, obesity, smoking and altruism are “contagious” within adult social networks. In other words, your behavior not only influences your friends, but also their friends and so on. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego …continue reading

First Study To Link Earlier Butterfly Emergence With Climate Change

Butterflies are emerging in spring over 10 days earlier than they did 65 years ago, a shift that has been linked to regional human-induced climate change in a University of Melbourne- led study. The work reveals for the first time, a causal link between …continue reading

Spider Silk Reveals A Paradox Of Super-Strength

Since its development in China thousands of years ago, silk from silkworms, spiders and other insects has been used for high-end, luxury fabrics as well as for parachutes and medical sutures. Now, National Science Foundation-supported researchers are untangling some of its most closely guarded …continue reading

Jupiter's Spot Seen Glowing

“This is our first detailed look inside the biggest storm of the Solar System,” says Glenn Orton, who led the team of astronomers that made the study. “We once thought the Great Red Spot was a plain old oval without much structure, but these …continue reading

Fungi Can Change Quickly, Pass Along Infectious Ability

Fungi have significant potential for “horizontal” gene transfer, a new study has shown, similar to the mechanisms that allow bacteria to evolve so quickly, become resistant to antibiotics and cause other serious problems.

This discovery, to be published in the journal Nature, suggests that …continue reading

Official Relaunch Of

Blast Applications, Inc., a premier creator and developer of applications for iPhone, Facebook and Twitter, has announced the re-launch of an enhanced version of the company’s newest dating Web site is a social networking site that fuses together traditional dating and a …continue reading

Intel Brings Affordable Solid-State Computing To Netbooks And Desktop PCs

Intel Corporation has announced a new addition to its award-winning lineup of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs): the Intel X25-V Value SATA SSD. Priced at $125, the 40 gigabyte (GB) drive is aimed at value segment netbooks and dual-drive/boot drive desktop set-ups to offer users the …continue reading

eMusic Unveils New "A+R Access + Rewards" Benefits Program At SXSW

At a lunchtime event at South By Southwest (SXSW), eMusic, the digital music club, yesterday announced a new initiative: eMusic A+R Access + Rewards. Now, U.S. eMusic members will get even more value from their subscriptions with exclusive experiences, offers, and discounts from select …continue reading