7 Flash Drives to Fill with Your Files

It's a nail polish container! It's a USB flash drive! It's both! http://t.co/xFOKX7tIu9 pic.twitter.com/rxyoSgKmIR

— LockerGnome (@LockerGnome) July 3, 2015

Do you need a thumb drive? Okay: http://t.co/LjnLdKuh1c pic.twitter.com/falWzoWgjv

— LockerGnome (@LockerGnome) July 3, 2015

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Adobe CC Mastery and 22400 mAh Power Banks

Train Simple Creative Cloud Mastery Bundle (92% Off): Stack your creative resume with eight courses from elite, Adobe-authorized instructors!

Jumbo 22400 mAh Power Bank (37% Off): Feed your power-hungry devices with the dual-charging Jumbo!

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Zoom Zoom – It’s a 2016 Mazda6 Review!

Zoom Zoom! I try out a 2016 Mazda6 in my latest car review. What’s it like to drive a car from the future? Check it out here!:

Recreating Movie Scenes with Toy Action Figures (beruwhitesun)

Today’s photographer is beruwhitesun!

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Star Wars Rebel Pilot Hoodie with Visor

Whether you identify most with Luke Skywalker, Biggs Darklighter, Wedge Antilles, or Jek Porkins, you’ve probably pictured yourself as a Rebel Alliance pilot dogfighting in an X-Wing Fighter among a sea of TIE Fighters and deadly frickin’ laser beams above some cloud-strewn planet or fully …continue reading

Doctor Doom Deluxe Style Hoodie with Chain

You’re destined to become a super-villain? Then being born with a name like Victor von Doom can only serve to spice up what’s likely already an impressive resume of malevolent misdeeds. Having a Fantastic Four around to constantly foil your plans for world domination does …continue reading

LED Message Board Makes It Easy to Leave Messages for Coworkers

Have you ever wanted to leave a message for your coworkers while you were away from your desk that let them know where you were and how you could be reached? Sure you could write it on a sheet of paper and tape it to …continue reading

Super Mario Bros. Theme Played on Wine Glasses and Frying Pan

Mike Green writes:

I’ve been keeping up with Dan Newbie’s YouTube channel. He makes music with everyday items and he’s at it again! I just had to share; I think you would love to see his latest video, in which he plays the …continue reading

Ocean in Motion Revolving Aquatic Scene

The Ocean in Motion Revolving Aquatic Scene is like having an aquarium lamp with fish that swim around in circles on important fish business. No, they’re not real fish, but they’re part of a revolving fish scene in an aquarium atmosphere.

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The Delightful and Dubious Online Tech Trends of 2013

Have you been blissfully caught off guard by all of these new and fancy tech trends that are saturating the marketplace? Wonder which tech trends will stick around or which should be buried in the desert along with lost copies of Atari cartridges? Yeah, I …continue reading

Welcome to the Nexus of Geekdom

Welcome to LockerGnome: the Nexus of Geekdom! Last Friday, I did a live TLDR and answered viewer questions on the spot — were you there? If not, don’t fret, because it’s all been recorded for posterity and presented here for you in this …continue reading

There is No Gamer Girl: Breaking Down Gender in Gaming

Do you know any females into gaming? You know, the girls who play videogames? ┬áThe human beings that happen to have a uterus and they also enjoy tearing it up with a controller or mouse and keyboard in hand? I bet you know them, right? …continue reading

Why Are Edward Snowden and NSA PRISM Scaring Us?

Coming off of Edward Snowden’s release of documents that showcase what theorists have already been touting for decades now: a government “need” for our personal records from both phones and Internet. There are banks built from the ground up with the intention of …continue reading

The Forge: Suicide Prevention Turned Up to 11

I know many people have their lives touched to some degree by the heartache of suicide. Whether it be from a family member, a significant other, a friend, or maybe even someone known indirectly, many people have witnessed the devastation left behind. Personally, I’ve seen …continue reading

Data and Information Ethics

How do your ethics cope with today’s availability and exchange of data? Guest blogger Andrew Rosenfeld writes:

I remember the first time I spoke the words, “I believe information should be free.” A close family friend and English man confronted me at the dinner …continue reading

How to Go Paperless

Ever wondered how you can go paperless? At LockerGnome.net, Nick Anselmo writes:

Tell me which services/software you use to go paperless. Sign up for ebills? Get everything mailed to you, then scan it? Go online, save PDFs, and use native software, etc.?

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How Online Video Conferencing Services Pay for Themselves

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Citrix. All opinions are 100% my own.

Video conferencing has come a long way since the days of Dick Tracy, when the idea of face-to-face communication across distances inspired the minds of a …continue reading

How Can I Make Money Doing What I Love?

How is it possible to make money doing what you love? Dean Turners writes:

I know you have many emails to read and respond to, but I just wanted to say I really appreciate your videos and keep up the good work! I’m completely obsessed …continue reading

Why GoToMeeting is Better Than Google+ Hangouts

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Citrix. All opinions are 100% my own.

It would be very difficult to argue that Google+ Hangouts haven’t at least changed the way many business professionals think about telecommuting. While this simple and …continue reading

Ubuntu for Phones Vs. Android

At LockerGnome.net, freedmerica writes:

I understand it would be cool to get a new operating system, but are there actually any major benefits to using Ubuntu on a phone or tablet? Is it just user interface?

Ubuntu and Ubuntu for Phones do a …continue reading

Getting and Keeping Your First 1000 Customers

Aspire to run your own business? Whether you sell t-shirts from a van down by the river, design soup can labels, or haul quick-dry cement to well-dressed yacht enthusiasts at the marina without asking too many questions, the challenge of acquiring a …continue reading

Cosplay for Valentine’s Day

Millions of lonely geeks are finding themselves lonely today, though with the image of geeks and nerds being made more lovable with each passing Valentine’s Day by films such as Napoleon Dynamite and television series such as The …continue reading

Is Technology Becoming Too Integrated into Our Lives?

At LockerGnome.net, ClosetFuturist writes:

Are we cyborgs? The short answer may seem to be no, but how much do we use man-made devices for interaction with our environment and each other? I recently read a paper on Spacetime Embedded Intelligence and, though it’s …continue reading

Technology News and Review Website Tips

At LockerGnome.net, TechnoKid7 writes:

I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I have a website about tech news and wold love to know how you capture such a big audience! I have tried all the social networking sites but it just doesn’t …continue reading

Why HP’s New Chromebook Could Be a Big Deal

HP has thrown its hat in the Chromebook arena with its first Chrome OS device. Featuring a 14-inch display, this is the largest screen you’ll find on a Chromebook. It’s also one of the more visually appealing, if you really like black hardware.

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Best Free FTP Program

At LockerGnome.net, hyderpotter asks:

What is the best free FTP program to use?

Your question strikes a strong nerve within the tech community. Simply put, a good FTP program shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, many people strongly believe …continue reading

Semi-Open Source Products?

Everyone knows the benefits of open source software and the evolution of a software program through community participation and improvement, but what about hardware?

Last year, HexBright, an open source flashlight and a Kickstarter project owned by Christian Carlberg, scored …continue reading

What’s the Best Android Phone on Verizon?

Atish Patel writes:

I’m going to be buying a smartphone in March of 2013. The problem is that I don’t really want to buy an iOS device because I do not want to be in that ecosystem; however, I will not avoid it if it …continue reading

Smart Board Technology in the Classroom: a Lesson Learned?

Ian McNamara writes:

I’d like to ask about technology in schools. Right now, schools are spending a ton of money on Smart Boards. My school has done this and almost every classroom has one, yet the computers hooked up to these …continue reading

How to Join the New AMD Community

AMD is the company responsible for bringing Chris to CES this year — and we’re all very grateful for that. Chris was able to show us a lot of great new technology that we otherwise may not have gotten to see so closely. The AMD …continue reading