What is the Best Way to Back Up Your Hard Drive?

Losing your data sucks, and not having a backup can result in a catastrophe that could result in loss of work, personal documents, media files, and even your digital photo collection. No matter what you keep on your drive, it is always a good idea …continue reading

Google Apps to Stop Supporting Older Browsers

Everyone from Microsoft itself to your average, security concerned IT professional (and any so-called IT professional who’s not concerned with such matters is probably better suited to another profession) has said that you shouldn’t be using IE7 anymore. But if you ever needed a better …continue reading

New Doxo App for Web and iPhone is Your Digital File Cabinet – Sound Familiar?

Doxo is the latest app promising cloud-based storage for just about every detail and document in your life. The app, which is Web-based and has an iOS component for on-the-go retrieval, promises to organize all of your billing accounts with account numbers, logins, and …continue reading

How Do I Subscribe to an RSS Feed?

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a summary of of content on a Web page — usually a blog. It can be just the headline, or a headline and an excerpt, or the full text of an article. RSS is a way to “subscribe” to …continue reading

How to Add a Google Search Box to Your Web Site or Blog

You may have noticed that some blogs and other Web sites include a search box, usually in the sidebar, that allows readers to search the entire Web site using Google. This is beneficial if readers are looking for previous posts, or specific pages, that focus …continue reading

How to Close Your PayPal Account

PayPal is an easy and secure way to complete transactions online, whether to send roommates your share of rent or pay for purchases made online. If you’re not happy with using PayPal, however, whether because of the time it takes to withdraw your balance to …continue reading

How to Make Your Gmail Account More Secure

Like all of your Internet activity, it is important to take all available precautions to make sure your email account is secure as possible. Recent malware and phishing scams have affected some Gmail users, and while this is not indicative of security problems with …continue reading

How to Prevent Complete Disaster if Your Laptop is Stolen

Recently, an especially brazen thief stole a brand-new silver 13-inch MacBook Pro right out of a woman’s hands as she was working in a Starbucks in a south Seattle neighborhood. She lost pictures of her child, hours of school work, and of course, the …continue reading

How to Get to Inbox Zero

So many of us are after the illustrious “inbox zero,” hoping to someday wake up to an inbox with no new messages to distract us from important tasks or projects — or, at least, be able to end the day with the same. Google has …continue reading

Google’s Me on the Web is Like Google Alerts for Just You

As someone who blogs often, tweets a lot, and can often be found at conferences and other large social gatherings, I’m curious to know who mentions me and in what context on the Internet. It’s a bit narcissistic, but also important in case I need …continue reading

How to Share Your Calendar with Friends

Life can be busy, and managing meetings for work, yoga classes, happy hours, dinner dates, and family events can be overwhelming. Sometimes it even takes more than one calendar just to manage all the places you need to be — and make sure you don’t …continue reading

How to Use Google’s Search by Image as Facial Recognition

How many times have you been at a bar, a concert, or conference and just knew you walked by someone famous — but couldn’t quite figure out who it was? Instead of wondering away for the rest of your life, Google’s new Search by Image …continue reading

How to Log in to Gmail Accounts

Gmail is a great tool provided by Google to manage not only your email, but your calendar and contacts, as well. It’s just one of the many things that Google makes free for everyone as a part of its never-ending “don’t be evil” campaign. A …continue reading

How to Add the Google +1 Button to Your Blog

Google’s +1 button launched in March and has since evolved into a great new way to recommend content to friends and contacts directly from Google search results. Google realizes, however, that people often want to recommend a page while they’re actually reading an interesting blog …continue reading

Starbucks Mobile Payments Now Available for Android

For several months, iPhone and BlackBerry users have enjoyed the convenience of being able to buy their morning coffee and croissants with not much more than a swipe of their phone at Starbucks counters. The Starbucks Card mobile app allows Starbucks customers to store …continue reading

How to Add the Weather Forecast to Your Google Calendar

Ever wonder if that BBQ at the beach you have blocked off on your Google Calendar for Saturday afternoon is going to be warm and sunny? Or if should you plan on packing a parka — or scrapping plans and heading for something a little …continue reading

Google Introducing Appointment Slots in Google Calendar

Anyone who has ever tried to coordinate a meeting knows how challenging trying to find an agreeable time and date can be. Services like Doodle and Tungle.me have emerged to help resolve this challenge, and are great solutions for scheduling everything from meetings to happy …continue reading

How to Log in to Google Apps

Many organizations use Google Apps for Domains to manage employee email, calendars, and contacts. Depending on how much access your company provides, you may have an internal Google Docs account, and possibly some additional apps from outside companies. If your company uses Google Apps for …continue reading

Google Financial Advisor Can Help You Make Financial Decisions

Choosing a credit card can be difficult. A variety of personal factors can impact what type of card you can look for, qualified for, and what type of benefits are best for you. If you’ve ever been bankrupt, or have bad credit history, this process …continue reading

How to Talk to Your AIM Buddies from Gmail

Google Talk, the instant messaging tool from Google, is one of the favorite instant communication tools for those stuck in the office from 9-5. Unlike Facebook, Google-based services are usually not blocked by IT departments in offices, and the use of Google in the corporate …continue reading

How to Log in to Google Email

Google provides a great email app called Gmail to manage not only email, but also things like calendars and contact information. Once you have created a Gmail account with Google, here is how to log in to Google email, or Gmail:

Type the following into …continue reading

Color Code Your Events in Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an easy to keep track of your professional and personal lives. With Google calendar you can keep track of meetings on your own work calendar, manage your boss’ calendar, import events from your Facebook calendar, and even see what your parents and …continue reading

Why Delicious Users Should Take 30 Seconds to Email AVOS About the New Terms of Service

Violet Blue is right and Marshall Kirkpatrick is wrong.

Delicious could be one of the most important taxonomies on the Internet. Despite people like me using Delicious in entirely self-serving ways to increase backlinks to my own writing, the cataloging of links available …continue reading

How to Make a Secure Password

Routinely we’ve been told to think of a crazy combination of letters, numbers and characters to make a secure password. Something like this is supposed to be generated and burned into our memories, yet changed every few months on every single site that requires a …continue reading

How to Use Google Cache to Find Deleted Content

As it tends to do, TechCrunch got yet another “breaking” scoop — this time about Facebook Deals based on an article in the New York Times. The news actually seems to have been embargoed and has since been deleted from nytimes.com, but TechCrunch cited …continue reading

How to Delete Your Skype Account

Skype is a great way to face-to-face chat with friends and family around the world for free over the internet. In addition to video calling, Skype offers the ability for users to call landlines and mobile phones, create conference calls, forward calls, instant message, SMS, …continue reading

How to Delete Yahoo Search History

Most Web browsers keep a history of what web pages you have visited so it is easy for you to find a previously visited Web page. If you use Yahoo, this history is used to help personalize your search by auto-completing your searches. This feature …continue reading

How to Delete Google Search History

Most Web browsers keep a history of what Web pages you have visited so it is easy for you to find a previously visited Web page. If you use Google, this history is used to help personalize your search by auto-completing your searches. This feature …continue reading

How to Delete Search History from Toolbars

Most Web browsers keep a history of what Web pages you have visited so it is easy for you to find a previously visited Web page. If you use a search-specific toolbar as a plugin on your browser, such as one provided by Google or …continue reading

How to Delete Search History in Windows XP

Most web browsers keep a history of what web pages you have visited, as well as search and download history. This information is usually stored in the temporary internet files on your computer in the form of cookies, browsing history and cached webpages. These files …continue reading