Why Web 1.0 Needs to Make a Comeback

I’m quite young — 18 years old, but still quite young. Nevertheless, I was also introduced to the Internet and the Web at a very early age, so I can personally say I have grown up alongside it all.

I remember way back when there …continue reading

Anti-Virus Programs: Payware Vs. Freeware

Keyloggers, viruses, and malware are a common threat to Windows users, particularly to computers connected to the Internet. These threats have gradually become more dangerous, and as a result having an anti-virus program installed on your computer is a necessity, not an option. The most …continue reading

How to Tell if Your Teen is Browsing Adult Sites

Teens these days are incredibly tech savvy, especially when compared to generations past. It can seem incredibly difficult to keep up with the tips and tricks kids are learning today. With every wall you build, you’re creating a challenge for a teen to overcome.

So …continue reading

How Google Can Help You Start a Company

Starting a business is no small task, regardless of what it is your business does. Whether you provide a service, product, or a mixture of the two, your business will depend on tools to help you and your team get more done. Google has evolved …continue reading

UK ISPs and Broadband Speeds

It’s not often that LockerGnome gets the opportunity to see things from the perspective of the United Kingdom. I know and completely understand that LockerGnome is based in the United States and can only report on what happens “at home,” but I am extremely pleased …continue reading

Seven Years Later: A YouTube Special

Guest blogger Zuhair of MrTechz writes:

It may be hard to believe, but YouTube has just turned seven! The first video was uploaded to YouTube back in 2005 and, since then, it has taken off to inconceivable heights. You only have to take …continue reading

Checking a Domain Against the Spamhaus DBL in PHP

Fellow LockerGnome writer Craighton came to me early on Sunday with a problem. Craighton runs a little URL shortening service called ou.gd, and needed some help adding a blacklist checker to the service. This was a major issue, as his Web host …continue reading

Keeping Your Online Accounts Secure: The PasswordMaker Method

A week or so ago, I received an email from Facebook with something quite out of the ordinary: my Facebook account had been accessed from an unknown location. I have encountered this message in the past, of course, but I was usually on vacation, so …continue reading

How to Log in to Bank of America and Other Things You Thought You Already Knew

You might think that you know everything, and that’s fair enough. You’re a savvy LockerGnome reader, after all, and you’ve been around the block a few times. But for every level of expertise you’ve acquired over the years, there’s got to be some question you’re …continue reading

Keep it Simple with Google Logins

We’ve all heard the mantra K.I.S.S. for “keep it simple, stupid.” With a high-tech world swirling around us at breakneck speed, we have to prioritize our time as carefully as we budget our finances if we want to get anything done in a day. Whether …continue reading