How You Can Make Money With Google

The first installment of a new webinar series has been released, and is available for rental on YouTube. I am working with long-time friend Jake Ludington to bring you this valuable information. My assistant Kat attended this first seminar live, hoping to …continue reading

Are You Still Using MySpace?

Seb asked me in chat recently if I actually use MySpace. I have an account there, yes. I actually even receive tens of visitors there each month. I admit that I really don’t even USE the site. Do you?

Add to …continue reading

Windows Twitter Client: blu

Marques has found a Windows-only Twitter client called blu that he wanted to share with all of you. blu features a lot of eye candy and comes in quite a polished and clean package, which many of you will appreciate.

…continue reading

How Can Google Affect Your Brain?

TechCrunch had a great title for a recent article: “Just Because Google Exists Doesn’t Mean You Should Stop Asking People Things.” We get annoyed when co-workers or bosses ask us silly questions that they themselves could have Googled. However, the bigger issue is whether …continue reading

How Do You Feel About Broadband?

Ars Technica reported that 23% of U.S. households don’t have Internet anywhere in the house? Why not? many people just don’t see the need for this “Internet” thing at all. Really? Lamarr thinks broadband should just be something in the house like electricity, …continue reading

How Safe is That Web Site?

Aaron has recorded this screencast to show all of you how to figure out if a website you want to visit is safe or not. McAfee’s SiteAdvisor doesn’t require any downloads, and will give you a detailed report along with your green …continue reading