Your Guide to Choosing a Pay as You Go Broadband Plan


Pay as you go broadband Internet services are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to costly monthly contract costs for services you may or may not actually use. You do pay a bit more of a premium for the bandwidth you use under …continue reading

How to Disable Spam Invites from Google+ Appearing on Google Calendar


Not long ago, Chris Pirillo mentioned that he no longer uses Google Calendar because of all the spam invites that he gets via Google+. Whether or not Chris has figured out this workaround by now (quite likely), I figured I’d pass it along to those …continue reading

How to Avoid Plagiarism Online


Plagiarism is a serious problem for content creators online. It happens on social networks, blogs, and even traditional static websites. There is so much content online that people seem to believe they can rip someone’s writing off, put their name on it, and no one …continue reading

Why Your Desktop Anti-Malware May Be Flawed


As computer users these days, we have been bombarded by companies that claim to be able to keep our computers free from malware. However, this may not be the case.

The majority of anti-malware software uses traditional, signature-based techniques in order to detect malware. It …continue reading

Got Wi-Fi? You Cannot Be Held Liable for Pirates on Your Network

Resized Wi-Fi

We are all keenly aware that Wi-Fi connections — from our home network or place of business — leave us vulnerable to hackers compromising our Internet connections. The unfortunate reality is that some of our neighbors may not be aware of this vulnerability and, as …continue reading

A Secure Password Today Keeps the Hackers Away


It seems like we hear about a new security breach every few weeks. You don’t have to stay that on top of the news to hear that some company is announcing that it’s been hacked, that customer passwords were compromised, and what the company is …continue reading

Reasons to Use a VPN


Corporate employees will most likely know the definition of a VPN (virtual private network). For everybody else, it’s just a way to watch Hulu from all over the world. Joking aside, there are quite a few compelling reasons why one should have VPN set up. …continue reading

How to Enable (or Disable) Cookies in Google Chrome


Google Chrome has quickly become one of the most popular browsers used today. Due in part to the popularity of Google as a search engine, it’s almost impossible to browse the Web today without knowing what Google Chrome is.

Because of this, it comes as …continue reading

Three (Almost) Foolproof Ways to Make a Secure Password


On LockerGnome we’ve got many articles about passwords ranging from how to make your life easier by remembering them to how ludicrous it will become for passwords to remain secure — if it hasn’t already gotten that far. Today I wanted to share a few …continue reading

What is a Denial of Service (DoS) Attack?


Earlier this week, LockerGnome was hit with a Denial of Service (DoS) attack and was forced to shutter its doors for quite some time. Readers couldn’t read articles, and writers couldn’t write them. It is truly a terrible thing to happen to any website, and …continue reading

Why Web 1.0 Needs to Make a Comeback


I’m quite young — 18 years old, but still quite young. Nevertheless, I was also introduced to the Internet and the Web at a very early age, so I can personally say I have grown up alongside it all.

I remember way back when there …continue reading

Anti-Virus Programs: Payware Vs. Freeware


Keyloggers, viruses, and malware are a common threat to Windows users, particularly to computers connected to the Internet. These threats have gradually become more dangerous, and as a result having an anti-virus program installed on your computer is a necessity, not an option. The most …continue reading

How to Tell if Your Teen is Browsing Adult Sites

DNS Cache

Teens these days are incredibly tech savvy, especially when compared to generations past. It can seem incredibly difficult to keep up with the tips and tricks kids are learning today. With every wall you build, you’re creating a challenge for a teen to overcome.

So …continue reading

How Google Can Help You Start a Company

Google Drive Logo

Starting a business is no small task, regardless of what it is your business does. Whether you provide a service, product, or a mixture of the two, your business will depend on tools to help you and your team get more done. Google has evolved …continue reading

UK ISPs and Broadband Speeds


It’s not often that LockerGnome gets the opportunity to see things from the perspective of the United Kingdom. I know and completely understand that LockerGnome is based in the United States and can only report on what happens “at home,” but I am extremely pleased …continue reading

Seven Years Later: A YouTube Special


Guest blogger Zuhair of MrTechz writes:

It may be hard to believe, but YouTube has just turned seven! The first video was uploaded to YouTube back in 2005 and, since then, it has taken off to inconceivable heights. You only have to take …continue reading

Checking a Domain Against the Spamhaus DBL in PHP


Fellow LockerGnome writer Craighton came to me early on Sunday with a problem. Craighton runs a little URL shortening service called, and needed some help adding a blacklist checker to the service. This was a major issue, as his Web host …continue reading

Keeping Your Online Accounts Secure: The PasswordMaker Method


A week or so ago, I received an email from Facebook with something quite out of the ordinary: my Facebook account had been accessed from an unknown location. I have encountered this message in the past, of course, but I was usually on vacation, so …continue reading

How to Log in to Bank of America and Other Things You Thought You Already Knew


You might think that you know everything, and that’s fair enough. You’re a savvy LockerGnome reader, after all, and you’ve been around the block a few times. But for every level of expertise you’ve acquired over the years, there’s got to be some question you’re …continue reading

Keep it Simple with Google Logins


We’ve all heard the mantra K.I.S.S. for “keep it simple, stupid.” With a high-tech world swirling around us at breakneck speed, we have to prioritize our time as carefully as we budget our finances if we want to get anything done in a day. Whether …continue reading

Layering Your Home Network Security


On our TeamSpeak server the other day, Gnomie Phil Horton said that he’d like to share some more of his knowledge with the overall LockerGnome community; we were thrilled! So here’s what he’s come up with. Enjoy!

You may remember a LockerGnome article …continue reading

How to Use Q&A Sites Effectively


Question and Answer (Q&A) sites seem to be excellent resources of knowledge when one needs it these days. While I’m programming and hop onto Google with a question, usually I will arrive at StackOverflow. Chris has covered asking questions previously on the …continue reading

Tasks You Should Be Doing on the Cloud (And Why)


The Web is evolving rapidly these days. In what seems like the blink of an eye, more and more Web applications spring up to catch our fancy and intrigue. However, many people are neglecting to switch to Web-based solutions for their routines, creating stagnation for …continue reading

Six Reasons to Be Cautious when Using PayPal


In my previous article, I talked about PayPal’s recent conflict with and how the smug actions of one representative attracted a great deal of negative publicity for the online transaction service. Bad press aside, this is a prime example of how it …continue reading

It’s PayPal’s World – We Are Simply Living In It


The Internet is exploding today with reports that PayPal allegedly froze funds intended for charity after deeming it “not a worthy cause.” It all stems from this blog post on, a self-titled “fail blog of hand crafts.”

Out of the kindness of their …continue reading

Five Ways to Deal with Internet Trolls


What is a troll? As Matt Ryan wrote right here at LockerGnome just this past summer:

“…Someone who spends a majority of their time online moving from space to space making negative comments about everything they find. Typically, these individuals tend to be …continue reading

How to Disable “This Page Has Insecure Content” Warning in Chrome

Disable This Page Has Insecure Content Warning Chrome

There is nothing more annoying than trying to browse the Web and having a popup appear every time you navigate to a new webpage. This usually happens with ads, and sometimes with plugins or extensions like LastPass when there is an option to log …continue reading

New ATM Card Scam Lets Thieves Steal Your Card from the ATM


Did you know that thieves are actually stealing ATM cards from the very machines we use to get money from the bank? KnowBe4, a leader in security and fraud prevention through education, has advised everyone to take some additional steps to avoid …continue reading

Too Broke to Buy Something Online? Ask a Friend for Help with Friendgiftr


Today’s economy is rough. Almost everyone lives paycheck to paycheck, and even then it’s hard to make ends meet. Sometimes, though, you need a little something for yourself, but you still might find yourself without even enough funds to pay for your purchase. Enter …continue reading

Which is Better: Hand Coding or Pre-Built CMS?

Ashley, a member of the LockerGnome community, asks on YouTube:

“What are your views on Web-based CMS compared to hand-coding a Web site? Do you feel that a smaller (lesser known) CMS is as good or better than the more popular products?”

The debate …continue reading